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Jun 23, 2022

How to Set Up Twitch Host Alerts

Want to know who is hosting your channel and how many people are viewing your stream? We’ll show you how to easily set up Twitch Host Alerts to keep you in the know!

Last Updated on November 22, 2022

Having your channel hosted by a fellow streamer can be a really great feeling. Naturally, you’d want to know if someone is hosting you so you can experience the joy and share your gratitude with the streamer hosting you. Fortunately, Twitch has built-in broadcaster notifications which will appear in your chat box whenever someone is hosting you. But what if your chat moves fast and you don’t notice the message?

Enter Streamlabs Alert Box! Used by millions of streamers, the Streamlabs Alert Box will give you notifications for Follows, Subs, Donations, and of course, Hosts. It’s incredibly easy to set up and even more fun to personalize with our many widgets. We’ll show you exactly how to set up Twitch host alerts through Streamlabs to get you up and running in minutes. If you want further clarification on hosting, you can read our post about the differences between hosts and raids.

1. Click the plus sign to add a new source to your scene in Streamlabs Desktop.Streamlabs Desktop image with plus sign circled to add a new source

2. Choose “Alertbox” from the list of options, click “Add Source.”

list of options for sources to select in streamlabs desktop, with alert box highlighted.

3. Click on “Add Source again.”

option to rename the source in Streamlabs desktop and then add it to the scene

4. Position the Alertbox where you want it and make sure it’s visible (keep it at the top of your sources so it doesn’t get buried under your game or something else).

screenshot of streamlabs desktop where the user can position the alert box anywhere in the scene

5. Click the “Test Widgets” button, then “Host” to give it a try.

image of a llama themed widget letting the streamer know they have a new host

Well, that was easy! How about browsing through Streamlabs’ widgets to further personalize your stream? If you want to add alerts that you made yourself or purchase on somewhere like Etsy, you can do that too. Our post on Alert Box Variations will show you how. 

1. Click on “Alertbox Library” in the top left corner of your Streamlabs Desktop screen.

image of streamlabs desktop with the alert box library circled

2. Browse through the many themes—note which themes require a Streamlabs Ultra Membership.

many different widget themes that Streamlabs desktop offers

3. Keep browsing—plenty of free widgets to choose from!

image of many different free widget themes from Streamlabs

4. We’ll choose these Genshin Impact widgets to match our overlay. Click on Install Widget Theme.

Image of a widget with the video game Genshin Impact theme

5. All done! You can click on “Test Widgets” to double-check that the theme applied. Easy!

Image of streamlabs desktop where the user can test the widgets to see if the theme as applied

The great thing about the Streamlabs Alert Box and widgets is that you can download as many different themes as you like and use them with different scenes. You can set up scenes based on the game you’re playing, the mood you’re in—anything! Now that you have Streamlabs Host Alerts enabled, how about asking a friend to host your stream and doing them the same courtesy in return?

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