When you think about opportunities to monetize various social media platforms, Twitter is likely one of the last to come to mind. However, in many ways, it’s a really great platform to make money from (more on that in just a bit). To some degree, Twitter is like a text-heavy version of TikTok—you don’t have a ton of followers on these platforms, but as long as you create valuable, highly shareable content, you stand a chance of going viral or at least getting meaningful engagement on your post.

Compared to other platforms, Twitter is more so about who you’re connecting with on the app and not how many followers you have or how often you post (though you should be posting regularly and building your following to increase your earning potential). Instead, having the right people following you that can amplify your content is what can help your Tweets get engagement and, of course, help you see success in your efforts to make some cash. If you’re wondering how you can monetize your Twitter, keep reading!

Super Follows

While platforms such as Instagram and YouTube put emphasis on helping creators make money, Twitter seemed to put it on the back burner—that is until recent years. Super Follows is Twitter’s way of helping creators get monetary support from their biggest fans by allowing them to create monthly subscriptions with offerings and pricing defined by the creator. Super Followers get access to exclusive content, aka bonus tweets that don’t appear on the creator's timeline unless you're subscribed. FYI, before you can participate, you have to meet certain requirements and adhere to Twitter’s Super Follow policy

Ticketed Spaces

Twitter created Spaces as a way for people to have real-time conversations on the app through the mics on their phones (similar to Clubhouse, which gained popularity in the earlier parts of the pandemic). Ticketed Spaces are pretty much the same thing, except people must pay for the space you’re set to host. To make a Ticketed Space work (aka, you generate revenue), you have to ensure you’re hosting a space that people are interested in. You must also choose a topic that A. will entice your followers, and B. ensure you’re the right person to host the discussion. To have a Ticketed Space, you must have hosted a minimum of three non-ticketed Spaces within the last 30 days, have 1000, and be 18 years or older.  

Accept Tips

Here at Streamlabs, we’re big on helping creators of all sizes make money doing what they love—creating amazing content. This is why we created Tip Pages for your supporters to show their appreciation for your content. No matter the size of your following on your Twitter, you should set up your tipping page and make a habit of sharing the direct link so your followers can tip you and, of course, amplify your tipping page and content in the process. Streamlabs doesn’t take any cut of your tips, so this is definitely a means of monetization that should be at the top of your list. 

Sponsored Tweets

Once you have a bit of skin in the game and begin pitching brands for partnerships, you can monetize by creating sponsored posts on Twitter. Essentially, a brand will pay you to create content in the form of a Tweet (or a series of tweets) and boost or promote it on the app for more people to engage with. As with any other platform, before approaching a brand for sponsorship, you should get a hang of being intentional and consistent on the platform—create valuable content that a brand would love to put money behind. 

Affiliate Marketing 

We love to think of affiliate marketing as a way to work with brands without necessarily needing their permission. By joining an affiliate marketing network, you can create commissionable links to share some of your favorite products and services with your followers. Twitter makes it super simple to share links, so you should absolutely make it a habit to create tweets promoting them. Just be sure not to spam your followers, as you’ll lose trust easily and won’t get the traffic you desire. 

Promote Your Products and Services

Like any other social media platform, Twitter is a great place to promote your products and services. In addition to sharing images and videos, you can put direct links for people to check them out for yourself. From experience, many people will not engage with a Tweet but still take the time to check out links. So, don’t be discouraged if you don’t see a ton of tweets, likes, or retweets on your posts. 

Not only is Twitter a great platform to promote, it's perfect for testing things like messaging and visuals to see what connects with potential customers. The great thing about Twitter is you can, to some degree, post variations of the same thing over time without it feeling monotonous. Use the platform to your advantage by bringing these findings to other social media networks. It’s basically A/B testing and monetization in one. 

Before reading our tips, you may not have known of the many ways to make money on Twitter. We hope that this blog post gives you some guidance and motivation to create compelling content on the platform in hopes of bringing in some extra dough!


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