To add a chatbox:

  1. Navigate to the dashboard on our website or download Streamlabs OBS
  2. Customize Your Settings -- Edit your settings on the website or add a source in Streamlabs OBS> Chat Box Widget> customize your settings and then click save.

Customization options include:

  • Theme: used to set the look of your chat overlay using several premade themes or use custom css.
  • Badges: set what badges are shown in your chatbox widget. If you want to show mod icons or disable them.
  • Extra Emotes: show BTTV or FFZ emoticons on your chat overlay.
  • Background Color: set the color behind the chat. (Only worry about this if you are window capturing)
  • Text Color: the color of the chat messages in your chat overlay.
  • Text Size: set the size of the text in the overlay.
  • Hide Message After: used to fade messages out after a set time. You can use the "Always Show Messages" box to disable fading .
  • Hide Chatters: can be checked to list names of users you want to hide in your chat. (Such as common bots used).

Video here

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