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Jan 13, 2017

Announcing… the All-New Tip Jar & Other Goodies

Happy 2017 to everyone! We’re kicking things off for the new year in top gear with some new feature updates and announcements. At the top…

Last Updated on May 15, 2018

Happy 2017 to everyone! We’re kicking things off for the new year in top gear with some new feature updates and announcements. At the top of the list is the most-requested feature that many of you have been asking for: an animated Tip Jar.


This new Tip Jar will work on Twitch and YouTube — not just with Bits, but with Subs, Donations and Followers as well!

This means that anyone supporting you through any method can now have more fun doing it.

most important word of the year, Kappa dictionary

Depending on your needs, the Tip Jar can:

  • New channel: get you more followers (and maybe your first tip);
  • Small, growing channel: not partnered yet? No problem. Get more tips, donations and followers;
  • Partnered channel: Get more of everything — cheers, tips, donations, subs, re-subs and followers.

The more you use it, the more we hope you’ll appreciate the small things — such as different loyalty badges for re-subs having different mass and impact. We’ve re-done the physics to be more fun [read: more explosions]. The Tip Jar also supports all existing Twitch & sub-only emotes. But wait… whats this?

13 Jar types. so. many. options.

We’re giving you customization options up the wazooo…including thirteen different jar types. Want a small, thin jar to get all the bits to line up neatly? Check. Or a classy wine glass? Check. How about a martini glass that lets emotes fall out all the time? Check. You can customize the frequency, fonts and colors to your hearts content. Or not. It’s all up to you.

We hope you’ll enjoy the new Tip Jar, which is available now in your dashboard.

In other updates for January, we’ve also released an updated app for Streamlabels that works natively on Windows, Mac and Linux (coming soon). This has Cheering support — 22 new text files for Bits & Cheering, similar to Subs and Donations.

New Streamlabels app, in open beta with cheering & bits support

Oh, and one more thing. This was just for January.

We’re going to release at least one major feature each month for the rest of this year.

That’s at least 11 major new features this year. While we can’t say what those are just yet, here are some hints for next month.

Upcoming features for February

Feature #1: In turns, we come and go. In pairs, there’s always one more.
Feature #2: Climb high, climb far. Your goal the sky, your aim the star.
Feature #3: I used to have friends, in a game. We were tight, we had a name.

Please be patient with these new features — if there’s an issue, please let us know and we’ll fix it asap. Feedback? We’d love to hear it.

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