While you are streaming, it’s essential to interact with your chat actively. Your viewers play a fundamental role in your live stream. You must take the time to establish a bond with your audience. Building this rapport with your viewers can help reoccurring viewers become loyal followers.

To help you achieve this, Streamlabs is introducing a brand new widget called Chat Highlight. This new tool lets you pin a message from your chat on your live stream so that your entire audience can see the message.

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Why Should You Use Chat Highlight?

Depending on the content you make, the chat highlight widget can serve various functions. Highlighting a chat message can make your viewers feel like they’re part of the show; it is a powerful tool that helps you create better Twitch streams by fostering interaction with your community and making them feel essential to your content.

Or maybe you are hosting an AMA with your viewers. Pining messages from chat on your live stream can help your viewers see what question you’re answering.

However you want to use the chat highlight widget, it’s simple to use and customize. Here’s how it works.

How to Add the Chat Highlight Widget

Adding the chat highlight widget is simple:

Step 1: Open Streamlabs Desktop

Step 2: Click on the plus sign to add a new source

Step 3: Click on “Chat Highlight” in the Widget section.

Step 4: Name your source and add.

Step 5: You have the option to customize your Chat Highlight settings directly in Streamlabs Desktop, or you can customize them on the dashboard. We’ll go into detail on the various customization options in the next section. For now, click “done,” and your chat highlight widget will be ready to go.

How to Customize Your Chat Highlight Widget

You have the option to customize the look and settings of the Chat Highlight widget when you add it in Streamlabs Desktop. However, recommend heading to the Streamlabs Dashboard to customize it there. The user interface is slightly easier to navigate here, and will make your life just a little easier.


Default Settings

  • Message Pin Duration: Controls how long the message will stay pinned on your live stream. If the number is 0 then the message will stay pinned indefinitely.
  • Font: Changes the font of the username and the message

Message Settings

  • Font Size: Change the size of the font.
  • Font Weight: Defines the thinness or thickness of a font
  • Font Color: Changes the color of the font
  • Background Color: Changes the background color that the message is displayed on.

Name Settings

  • Font Size: Change the size of the font.
  • Font Weight: Defines the thinness or thickness of a font
  • Font Color: Changes the color of the font
  • Background Color: Changes the background color that the username is displayed on

How to Pin a Chat Message

Pinning a chat message is simple. After you’ve added the Chat Highlight Widget, you’ll see a pin icon as viewers start commenting. Simply click on the pin to highlight the message on your chat.

How to Add Chat Highlight to OBS Studio

If you want to add our Chat Highlight widget to other broadcasting software like OBS Studio, you’ll find the widget URL in the dashboard as well.

Copy this widget URL, open OBS (or any other broadcasting software), add a browser source, and paste this URL. Your Chat Highlight widget should now appear in your broadcasting software of choice.

To customize your widget, head back to the Streamlabs Dashboard and manage your settings from there.

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