Can’t wait for Christmas? Neither can we! ’Tis the season to celebrate the Holiday Season and Streamlabs is here to help you have the most memorable time with your community. In this blog post, we are going to show you how you can get in the holiday spirit using Streamlabs.

1. Change up your themes

While you are getting those Christmas decorations up at your house, why not decorate your streams? We have made this process super easy for you with Christmas themes you can install for free with one-click from Streamlabs OBS. This cake is not a lie, trust us. You can get your Christmas related themes in Streamlabs OBS.


2. Spruce things up with Face Masks

This Holiday Season, Streamlabs is here to level up your viewers’ tipping experience with Face Masks feature. In addition to tipping and TTS (if enabled), your viewers can now turn you into a snowman, throw snowballs at you, give you a Christmas tree beard, and more! You and your viewers can experience all the Christmas wonders on your channel. Check out Face Masks here.


3. Ugly Christmas sweater with Merch Store

Christmas is not complete without a good old ugly Christmas sweater. You can make your own ugly sweater, sell it, and shout out the purchases on stream with Streamlabs merch store. We have the lowest merch prices and the highest profits for streamers. You can set up your merch store here for free. To celebrate the Holiday season, your viewers can get 10% off on any merch with the “santa” code at checkout!”

Shout out to for creating the most epic holiday sweater. It’s a masterpiece!

4. Get Festive with Advanced Media Share


Laugh, cry, and cringe with your community this Christmas season using Advanced Media Share from Streamlabs. You and your mods will be able to control what gets shown on stream so it is 100% monkaTOS proof. You can set up your media share here. Need a little help? Check out this helpful tutorial here.

5. Top it off with The Jar

We have mastered the art of crafting the perfect jar widget for your stream. You can choose between the stocking Jar or the snowman Jar. Have a hard time deciding? Why not both by changing it up whenever you want to! Time to fill up your stocking with bits and shower Frosty the Snowman with bits, follows, and donations. Set up The Jar here.


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