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Jul 03, 2019

YourPrincess — A Streamlabs Streamer Spotlight

Jayden Diaz AKA YourPrincess is a full-time league of Legends streamer. After constant moving around, she used live streaming as a way to…

Last Updated on August 31, 2022

Jayden Diaz AKA YourPrincess is a full-time League of Legends streamer. After constant moving around, she used live streaming as a way to connect and meet others. Eventually, she created a community of folks that allow her to live stream full-time.

Streamlabs: How long have you been streaming for?

I am a full-time league of legends streamer and I’ve been shooting around new years now full time, but I’ve had my twitch account for almost five years.

Streamlabs: Where does the name Your Princess come from?

The name YourPrincess comes from a meme from Mario, which means your princess is in another castle. It’s when Mario gets told by Toad that Princess Peach is in another castle. So I thought that would be a really cute play on words. And I also got the name from a username on League, and her name on her smurf is Be My Princess. So I thought that’d be really, really cute to match it. The streamer that has that name is Alexa and I saw her username back in like season three.

Streamlabs: What type of content do you usually stream?

I usually stream League of Legends content, but lately I’ve been doing different kinds of variety content like Twitch sings and oftentimes do discord interviews, which is where I go one on one with some of my viewers and get to know them a little bit better. Sometimes I go on cam and sometimes they just, you know, talk about themselves without cam and I get to basically learn how they found my channel and a little bit about like where they live. I met some amazing people in their stories, just where they’re from and just like what they do and all that stuff. So it’s been really great doing discredit to these.

Streamlabs: How did you first get into live streaming?

I got into live streaming because I kept moving around a lot throughout elementary school, middle school, and even high school. So I never really settled down to make friends. But I did get to play a lot of video games and I think through video games I got to meet a lot of people online and online was just always there and ready for me at home. So wherever I moved I had like my online friends and eventually in high school my friend introduced me to live streaming on Twitch. So I was like, oh, okay. And I started doing that and as soon as they moved away back in the middle of high school and I didn’t get to see my friends anymore, I just became so active with streaming and it was like just so much fun to me. So in the middle of high school, around like 2014 is when I kind of first got into live streaming and I’ve been doing it ever since.

Streamlabs: Did you ever think you’d be creating content full time?

I honestly didn’t think that content creating would be a fulltime thing. Yeah. Or in general. I didn’t know that I would have been into doing it as something that I would do every single day. I honestly knew that I really wanted to do it. I had no idea how back in high school, but as soon as I graduated, something just clicked and I was on top and consistent with my live streams.

Basically every single day I’m trying to create the best content that I possibly can.

So it’s been a lot of fun and yeah, I just can’t believe we’ve gotten this far.

Streamlabs: What are some other live streamers that have inspired you?

Some inspirations that I have with streaming is just a lot of streamers that I grew up watching, like Pokemane and xChocoBars. I also have some goals that I’d like to achieve this year. I think that just basically keeping up my content, being as consistent as possible and getting to travel. A lot of the goals that I’ve wanted to do and accomplish this year for 2019 I’ve actually already done like, I got my ticket for TwitchCon in San Diego. I went to TwitchCon EU in Berlin, which is an incredible experience. And I also got to go to Japan and Korea and live stream there. I just got my backpack and headed over to Asia and it all just happened and it was just so amazing for me.

Streamlabs: What is the hardest thing about live streaming full time?

I want to make sure that everyone in my community feels as involved and safe as possible.

I have a lot of moderators and admins that helped me do this and I feel like my community has been like a big safe haven for all these people to just be comfortable being themselves and just welcome other people. So it’s been really great to just maintain that but also pretty hard cause there’s a lot of people that can oftentimes bring the community down or just, you know, be really negative on the Internet, which also affects me as well. So that’s another hard thing, to deal with all of the negative comments. But I mean, you know, we’ve got to be there for each other at the end of the day. So it’s been pretty crazy and I’m really grateful for everything that I have with my kids.


Streamlabs: Has live streaming opened up any doors or opportunities you didn’t think would be possible?

A lot of doors have been opened up with live streaming full time and just live streaming in general. I’ve been able to meet some of the coolest people that I don’t think I would’ve ever met that live across the country in different states and even get to go meet them at TwitchCon and fly over to see them. Just this weekend, I got to see when my friends that I met on Twitch a whole year ago and we haven’t met each other, but this weekend we just did. We got to see an Odesza concert together and I got to do a little Instagram take over with Streamlabs . So I’m really, really grateful that I got to meet her and share the experience with you guys.

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