Many streamers and YouTubers use an intro for all of their videos. They usually last a few seconds and help set the tone and theme for your channel while making you more recognizable to viewers.

With Streamlabs Intro Maker, you can create your own free intro in minutes. Visit our content hub to read our guide on creating an introduction using Streamlabs Intro Maker.

Today, we’ll cover some of our top reasons to incorporate an intro for your videos.

An intro will get your audience ready for the content you are about to present and give them a little more information about you and your brand. An introduction improves your video’s quality and overall engagement and makes it look more professional. Viewers will take your content more seriously if they see you take it seriously.

A countdown intro can increase the number of people watching your broadcast. As the countdown approaches zero, you’ll hold your audience’s attention. When the countdown timer reaches zero, no one clicks off.

You can use your videos to grow other social networks, where it may be easier to reach more people interested in your content. Promoting your social media handles lets you communicate with your fans on multiple platforms, which can also help you share your streaming plans and schedule. The engagement from those social networks will translate into new followers and subscribers.

Display social media handles in your video intro; this builds brand recognition and helps your audience connect with you. Most of your viewers will not follow you right away, but they will at least know an easy way to retrieve your social information. Each time you display handles in your intro, you remind people to follow you elsewhere.

Are you working with another video creator? You should promote collaborators’ channels in your intro. If you recently started a new channel, you can promote it in your main channel’s intro.

Intros help creators sell merchandise. Streamlabs also has a merch store creator. It is a simple, effective way to design and sell branded merch. Visit our website to create a Streamlabs Merch Store today.

Incorporate your merch store into your video introduction to show your latest gear. Some video creators feature a limited-time coupon code in their introductions, which will help you increase merchandise sales.

Visit our free Intro Maker to start customizing pre-made templates. You can upload your own logos and audio, customize the text, logos, video, and more.

Visit our content hub to read a complete guide on creating an intro using Streamlabs free Intro Maker tool.

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