Sell your Merch even easier with our brand new Merch Twitch extension!


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We know sometimes Merch can get lost behind that small tab on your tip page, so we wanted to create a way to give it the proper exposure.


With this new Twitch extension for Merch, you can:

  • Make Merch front and center in your bio
  • Increase your income and grow your brand
  • Let your community rep your Merch IRL
Install link here.

Your community will be able to:

  • Shop without ever leaving your stream
  • Sort by categories
  • Enjoy a simple and clean shopping experience
Install link here.

Here’s how to set it up:

  • Create a Merch store if you haven’t already. (Link: Creating a Merch store)
  • Click here to install the extension.
  • Go to “My Extensions” from Twitch dashboard, and set as a panel from the Streamlabs Merch Store extension dropdown menu
  • Your items will automatically populate in the extension panel.
  • *If your items do not appear after a few minutes, please make sure you do not have any broken products in your Merch store.

To learn more about our Merch services, please visit:

For any other questions, please contact: [email protected]

Happy Streaming!

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