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Jul 09, 2021

This Summer, stream to help save the lives of kids battling rare diseases

  The experience of rare disease can be overwhelming for both patients and their families. Diagnoses are often difficult, involving repeated...


The experience of rare disease can be overwhelming for both patients and their families. Diagnoses are often difficult, involving repeated visits to multiple specialists. Once a diagnosis is made, patients live with severe restrictions and life expectations, not to mention the tumult of having hopes raised and then dashed through successive treatments.

To overcome the obstacles inherent in the existing model of drug development, CRD has taken a new approach. CRD formed an unprecedented collaboration with leading researchers and clinicians to develop life-saving medicines for kids and adults impacted by rare diseases.

In Spring 2020, CRD jumped into the esports space. CRD sees esports as an opportunity to provide a chance for all to compete on an even playing field, while advancing our mission to develop tailor-made therapeutics. The gaming industry as a whole speaks to our message of inclusion and equity for people with rare diseases and different abilities. We have been blown away by the engagement and generosity of the esports and streaming community. We are so excited to continue growing our impact in this space.

How You Can Help:

We need your help to win the battle against rare disease. Our families, our kids and community are counting on all of us to help them defeat rare disease. By creating a Streamlabs fundraiser and hosting a charity stream in honor of CRD, you are helping to build life-saving medicines for kids with rare diseases. You and your community can help to change the lives of children across the United States. On July 16, 17, 18 and 23, 24 and 25, Cure Rare Disease will be hosting a charity marathon to help in the battle against rare disease. We hope you’ll sign up to participate!

Every donation you make will directly benefit our unique drug development model and bring hope to families who previously thought treatment was impossible. To learn more about how Cure Rare Disease is changing the paradigm of drug development, visit https://cureraredisease.org/.

A message from a CRD family

“The work that CRD is doing has allowed my family and I to hope again. In 2017 my son was diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy, a rare, and very progressive muscle-wasting disorder. The only thing more devastating than receiving such a diagnosis was to learn that there were no treatment options for him. Hope seemed so far away, yet it seemed wrong to simply accept the fact that this disease would take away my son’s ability to walk, feed himself, and ultimately live. Thanks to the work CRD is doing, hope is finally within reach. We no longer have to simply accept the results of this terrible disease, we can hope because work is being done to save our son’s muscles and his life.”

-Sarah Krieger, Arizona

Overlays and Stream Assets

● Cure Rare Disease and Streamlabs are proud to partner together to offer you custom charity alerts and overlays for your stream.

● Cure Rare Disease Charity Alerts are free in Streamlabs’ theme library.

● Cure Rare Disease is also providing Chat donation incentives — we find that these incentivize donations and are yours to customize as you’d like!

● You can install the alerts directly into your Streamlabs profile, and install the overlay package from our theme library.

Turn heartbreak into hope this summer by starting a fundraiser or donating today. Thanks in advance, from all of us at Cure Rare Disease

Overlay Themes for Cure Rare Disease can be found in the theme library
Make your stream official with matching charity alerts and widgets

Useful Links:

● Sign up to participate in our July Charity Marathon or to become a Cure Rare Disease Ambassador here!

● Start your next Charity Stream for Cure Rare Disease

● How to link your Streamlabs alerts to your fundraising campaign here.

● Learn more about the impact of your support here.

● Question? Email [email protected].

● Join the official Cure Rare Disease Discord channel to learn more about the life-saving mission of Cure Rare Disease and how you can help save the lives of kids suffering from rare diseases.

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