Today we’re giving the spotlight to TacticalLionDesigns to showcase Glitch, their stream overlay available on the Streamlabs Library. This theme comes in three parts: Overlay, Alert Box, and Tip Page.

Who is TacticalLionDesigns?

TacticalLionDesigns is a design studio established in 2014 that has been working closely with Streamlabs for two years, producing over 210 unique themes on the Streamlabs Library. We are a team of designers and animators from the UK who produce various high-quality, animated stream packages.

Theme Description

Glitch by TacticalLionDesigns features a digital sci-fi aesthetic with clean, dark visuals. Several parts of the theme are animated with glitch artifacts and quick movements to give the feel of a futuristic sci-fi HUD. This stream package stands out from others with its glitchy, futuristic animation designed to be eye-catching but not overbearing — it’ll complement your stream by being minimal instead of over the top.

What is the design inspiration?

A demand for minimal yet glitchy design elements inspired the team to create this theme. With overlays becoming more complex, we wanted to take this design back to basics with a simple yet high-quality overlay. Having worked with thousands of streamers over the years, we know that this style is always in demand.

How We Made It

Pulling on our years of experience designing animated artwork for streamers, we created the glitch package using a mix of Adobe After Effects and Photoshop. With eye-catching yet straightforward animation being the entire premise of the package. The team crafted each individual element to give it an authentic glitchy feel.

What key elements should a user know about this theme?

You can thank your viewers for engaging with your stream with the Glitch Alert Box. This widget features unique animations for each event on Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook. The minimal stream labels under the Webcam Frame update in real-time to reward your engaging audience. The Glitch Tip Page features the same minimal aesthetic on the web, where you can feature your Stream, Merch, Panels, and much more. With built-in tipping and chatting, your audience can live outside of Twitch while matching the rest of your theme.

If you’d like to support the designers that create premium themes, you can subscribe to Streamlabs Ultra and get access to hundreds of stream overlays, assets, and templates designed by top artists in the industry like TacticalLionDesigns.

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Working with thousands of streamers across various platforms we have had the privilege to create some fantastic designs based on truly unique ideas. With most streamers opting for animation in some capacity throughout their designs we now have a wide range of design scope to craft something unique to each streamer. Do you want a custom, unique stream overlay to fit your stream’s branding? View TacticalLionDesign’s custom package.

If you have any questions or comments, please let us know. Remember to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

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