OBS has launched an update with some exciting new features. We’re integrating some of these features into Streamlabs Desktop's branch of the OBS Open Source project. Let’s take a look at what’s in the update and how it affects you as a creator. Note: If you don’t see these changes reflected in your version of Streamlabs Desktop, try updating to the newest version.


Split Recordings Feature (Windows/Mac)

When creators recorded their streams in the past, there was a risk of losing the entire recording should a power outage, or computer failure occur. Now, creators can automatically split their recordings by time or file size. For example, you can save your recordings in one-hour increments, so you will only lose part of your stream if a power outage occurs. This update will be useful to creators who stream for long periods of time and want to ensure those recordings are safe. 

How to Customize the Split Recordings Feature:

In Settings, Click on Output and then scroll down to Automatic File Splitting. Check the box to enable, then choose to split by time or file size.

A screenshot on how to enable automatic file splitting for recording in Streamlabs Desktop

You can also set a hotkey to manually split your recording when pressed. In Settings, go to Hotkeys, then Split Recording File and assign it to the keybind of your choice.

How to set a hotkey for file recording splitting in Streamlabs Desktop

Application-specific Audio Capture (Windows)

Creators no longer have to use third-party programs to split their audio. In other words, you will still be able to hear certain applications while having them muted on stream. For example, wouldn’t you like to be able to hear your friends in Discord whilst keeping your conversation private from your stream? Now you can add the Application Audio Capture as a source, double click it, and choose which audio you want to broadcast to your stream. You can read more about this feature in an upcoming article.

NVIDIA Background Removal (Windows)

No green screen? No problem! Not everyone has the budget or space to set up a green screen. Creators with NVIDIA graphics cards (RTX series) can now apply a filter to remove their backgrounds. You’ll need to download the NVIDIA Broadcast App to use this feature. 

We hope these updates will enhance your streaming experience. We want to send a big thank you to the OBS team for their hard work! Streamlabs Desktop is built on the core OBS engine under their public license (GPL) and would not be possible without their years of hard work.

What is Open Source? 

Open source software is software whose source code is publicly available and may be modified and shared. Modifications include adding features, fixing issues, simplifying processes, and more. Streamlabs Desktop is proudly built on top of the core OBS engine. Streamlabs Desktop and many other programs would not be where they are today without the groundwork that OBS laid. We are eternally grateful to the OBS team for their innovation and unwavering determination to support streamers.

Streamlabs Desktop itself is open source, meaning that other streaming software companies can access our code and use it in their own development. You can view our public code on Github here. Check out this article on how to contribute to open source software if you’d like to learn how to help as an individual. Of course, supporting the projects you use regularly is also a great way to ensure the continued development of open source software.

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