Rotating sponsor banner enables you to easily display and manage sponsor logos, social media links, and more

Maybe you want to inform your viewers of an upcoming event. Maybe you have several sponsors whose products you believe in and who make your stream possible. Perhaps you have a team who helps you run your stream and this team handles all the sponsor tasks so that you can focus on playing and chatting with your viewers.

All of the above is now possible with the new sponsor banner widget. Think of it as the upgraded slideshow source on OBS, but with (1) animated transitions, (2) video support, (3)ability to grant control via shared access.


2 key reasons why you’ve asked for it:

  • No need to manually rotate banners via OBS. Display your sponsor(s)/event(s) with ease the way you want it with SLOBS
  • Empower folks helping you with your stream to manage the banner for you via shared access

Here’s how to use it:

  • Go to
  • Set up as many banners as you like (no limit)
  • Configure your banner the way you want it (upload your own image, set time interval, customize rotations, select animation type, and more)
  • Save settings and copy widget URL
  • Go to SLOBS and add widget URL as a browser source
  • Grant remote access to authorized folks to help you manage this or handle it yourself

Fast forward 1 month from now. You are running this banner widget. What changed?

  • You are crushing your stream even more because there is one less thing to worry about
  • Your sponsors and your viewers feel good. Your sponsors/insert_other_thing_you_share are displayed just how you want it
  • The folks helping you run your stream (if you have help) feel empowered and are in control

That’s it. Enjoy!

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