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Jul 27, 2021

Top Live Streaming Content Creators in Q2 2021

Top creators on Twitch, YouTube Gaming, and Facebook Gaming

Last Updated on January 28, 2022

Today, we are going to celebrate the live streaming content creators driving the growth of the streaming industry over the last quarter. According to the latest report from Streamlabs and Stream Hatchet, viewers are spending 3 billion hours per month watching live streaming content. That number is up 16% year over year.

In Q2 2021, Grand Theft Auto reached 866 million watch hours, and became the most-watched category across all platforms, surpassing Just Chatting, which had held the top spot since the fourth quarter of 2020.

Just Chatting was the second most-watched category across all streaming platforms with an impressive 822 million hours watched in Q2. This was a 68 million hour increase from Q1’s 754 million hours watched.

Today, we’ll take a closer look at the top streamers driving growth in these categories, as well as the top Twitch, Facebook Gaming, and YouTube Gaming streamers.

Thank you to Stream Hatchet, the industry leader in game-streaming analytics, for providing the data that aided in developing these insights.

To start, we’ll look at the Top 10 most-watched channels on Twitch in Q2 2021.

xQc took the number #1 spot by a large margin, with over 90 million hours watched. Gaules, retired Brazilian professional Counter-Strike player and coach, amassed 46 million hours watched, followed by summit1G, with 31 million hours watched.

Inoxtag, French YouTuber and streamer took the number 1 spot, reaching 11.6 million hours watched. Jun channel, one-half of the vlogging duo Rachel & Jun, was the second most-watched channel on YouTube Gaming with 10.9 million hours watched. Felipe Neto, well known Brazilian YouTuber with over 42 million subscribers, came in third place with 9.16 million hours watched.

Nam Blue was the most-watched channel on Facebook Gaming with 8.36 million hours watched. NexxuzHD came in second with 6.6million hours, followed by Tarboun with 5.42 million hours.

In Q2, Grand Theft Auto was the most-watched gaming category across all streaming platforms with 866 million watch hours. Félix (xQc) Lengyel was the top streamer in the category. He accumulated 90 million hours of total watch time in Q2, 61 million of which came from Grand Theft Auto. Brazilian streamer loud_coringa came in second with 21 million hours, and auronplay came in third with 20.4 million hours.

Inoxtag, a French YouTube streamer, is also on the list, coming in at number 10 with 10 million hours watched.

With an impressive 822 million hours watched, Just Chatting was the second most-watched category across all streaming platforms in Q2. AdinRoss had the most hours watched in the category, with 19 million, followed by HasanAbi, who had 17.6 million. Ludwig was the third most-watched streamer with 15 million hours.

With 554 million hours watched, League of Legends was the third most watch gaming category across all live streaming platforms. Coming at number loltyler1 amassed over 22 million hours. With 8 million hours, NoWay4u_Sir was the second most-watched league of legend streamer, followed by Baiano with 6.5 million hours watched.

No live streaming report would be complete without a mention of the hot tub craze that has swept Twitch in recent months. While Twitch added a dedicated category for hot tub streams in May, a closer look reveals a significant decrease in the number of hot streams over the course of Q1.

With 2.4 million hours watched, Amouranth was the most popular hot tub streamer. Indiefoxx was the second most-watched hot tub streamer with 583 thousand hours watched, followed by Faith, with 360 thousand hours.

Founded in 2014, Streamlabs is a leading provider of live streaming tools and a brand of Logitech. Streamlabs offers dozens of features that professional live streamers use to broadcast, better engage with their fans, grow audiences, and improve monetization. Streamlabs is a brand of Logitech International. Founded in 1981, and headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland, Logitech International is a Swiss public company listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange (LOGN) and on the Nasdaq Global Select Market (LOGI). For more information on Streamlabs please visit streamlabs.com or follow Streamlabs on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Discord.

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