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Aug 18, 2021

It’s #Up2Us to Stand Up To Cancer One Stream at a Time

It’s #Up2Us to Stand Up To Cancer Today alone, nearly 5,000 people in the United States will be diagnosed with cancer, a disease that...

Last Updated on January 28, 2022

It’s #Up2Us to Stand Up To Cancer

Today alone, nearly 5,000 people in the United States will be diagnosed with cancer, a disease that unfortunately impacts us all in one way or another. But with cancer research, there is hope of creating a future where every person diagnosed with the disease becomes a long-term survivor.

Stand Up To Cancer is committed to doing just that and needs your support as collaborative cancer research continues to help save more patient lives.

SU2C returns for the seventh biennial roadblock televised fundraising special on August 21st at 8/7c when the entertainment community will come together to support urgently needed research and new treatments for cancer.

Stand Up To Cancer invites YOU to join the mission by hosting a fundraising stream on your channel during the week leading up to the show, and help raise awareness and funds for SU2C’s groundbreaking cancer research.

It’s #Up2Us to #StandUpToCancer and bring the creator community together. Streamers can join the #Up2Us #SU2CStreamTeam Fundraising Event by hosting their charity stream event on StreamlabsCharity.com. 100% of donations received from the public will go toward SU2C’s innovative research programs.

Join SU2C from August 13th-August 21st on our mission to make the impossible possible and turn all cancer patients into long-term survivors.

How can you help?
Register to be part of the #Up2Us to Stand Up To Cancer Week here to create your campaign and charity stream any day from August 13th-August 21st. Join the mission to end cancer as we know it. One stream at a time!

Not sure how to participate? 
SU2C has you covered with assets, messaging materials, guidelines, FAQ’s and support as needed.

Got questions? 
The #SU2CStreamTeam Discord has answers. Join their discord and feel free to DM or @Mods with questions here.

Can’t stream or participate in the #Up2Us #SU2CStreamTeam event? You can still make an impact. Donate now at StreamlabsCharity.com, and 100% of donations received will go to fund SU2C’s groundbreaking cancer research programs.

Together we can make the impossible possible and help create a world where every person diagnosed with cancer becomes a long-term survivor, one stream at a time.

This article was written by Andy Steig and submitted to the Streamlabs Charity team as part of a charity spotlight series.

It’s #Up2Us to Stand Up To Cancer! 
Start fundraising for Stand Up To Cancer today.
Overlay Themes for Stand Up To Cancer are available in the Themes Library
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About Streamlabs Charity Platform

Live streamers can now produce a charity stream using Streamlabs’ native fundraising platform. Live streamers can sign up, schedule, and automatically send donations to SU2C with no additional integrations required.

The live streamers tip page will automatically redirect to the charity’s tip page when a scheduled charity stream goes live. Streamlabs does not hold or collect any funds. Charities receive 100% of every contribution directly via PayPal, excluding the standard PayPal processing fees.

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