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Nov 19, 2020

Introducing Lucra, a new live streaming platform for ticketed events

Lucra is a new live streaming platform where creators can sell tickets to exclusive live-streamed events.

Last Updated on November 22, 2022

Introducing Lucra, a new live streaming platform for ticketed events

Today, Streamlabs, a leading provider of live streaming tools and brand of Logitech, is announcing Lucra, a new live streaming platform for creators to monetize their content and connect with their audience through exclusive events. Lucra’s ticketed event system gives creators a new way to build their business. Viewers can purchase tickets to gain access to private live streams and interact with their favorite creators in a more personalized setting.

Lucra is meant for creators of all types. From artists, musicians, health and fitness experts, gamers, teachers, and more, Lucra provides an easy to use solution for anyone to create an event, connect with their audience, grow their business, and build their community.

“The growth of the live streaming industry over the last few years was accelerated in large part due to the gaming community on Twitch,” said Ashray Urs, head of product at Streamlabs. “But as platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok place a greater emphasis on live video, we see larger adoption from brands and businesses using live video to connect with their customers.”

Creating a live event on Lucra takes seconds. Visit Lucra.live and click ‘create an event.’ After entering the title, description, and the day and time of the event, creators will receive a unique URL that they can then promote and share with their audience. Fans can then visit the event page and start buying tickets to the event.

“Many traditional live streamers earn a living through tips from their audience or by working with paid sponsors. However, these methods aren’t a practical approach to building a business for new brands and content creators looking to utilize live streaming,” said Tom Maneri, founder and lead engineer of Lucra. “We researched different ways to introduce additional growth opportunities for creators within the live stream ecosystem. Ultimately, we believe a live pay-per-view system will help provide a stable foundation for brands, businesses, and content creators to see meaningful growth.”

Paid live events are free to create and run. Lucra handles payment processing and ticket sales, and creators can set the price of their event. Lucra comes with event analytics, so creators can track in real-time how many tickets they have sold, where their visitors came from, and how much revenue they have made.

Lucra is compatible with all major streaming software. When the event is ready to start, visit the event page and copy the Streaming Key and Streaming Server into your streaming software of choice. Live chat functionality allows fans to interact with each other and enables the creator to engage with their audience in real-time.

Additionally, live events on Lucra can be embedded into a personal website. Visit the event page and click the share button just below the video player. From there, copy the code for both video and chat, which can then be placed on any other website.

Lucra is completely free to use and comes with paid options to upgrade with additional benefits. Under our free tier, creators will earn 70% of the proceeds from ticket sales of the event while Streamlabs Ultra members earn 100% of ticket sales.

To learn more about connecting with audiences and monetizing live streams, please visit our website.

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