When we launched in April of this year, our goal was to make Streamlabs Merch the best possible merch option for broadcasters and creators. We kept our eyes and ears on streams, chats, discord servers, DM’s — gathering feedback and ideas that would push us towards that goal.


One of the most common things we heard from broadcasters big and small, was that you wanted the price for your merch to be as low as possible. Many broadcasters that we spoke with didn’t care for profit, they saw the value in their fans wearing something that reflected their stream and their community. As a result of your feedback, we’ve now enabled the option to sell for no profit!


With this addition — comes much lower prices on many of the most popular merch items. Gildan Tees have dropped from $18 to $15, Bella Canvas tees are now $19 down from $25, and a Gildan Hoodie is now just $27 — down from $40! Users with existing merch stores will need to check their prices to determine the amount of profit they’d like to make on each item.

You’ll also notice that all items now have a minimum and maximum retail price when creating or editing products.

Selling at the suggested minimum will result in no profit, but anything you decide to price above that is 100% YOURS! (minus credit card processing fees). For example, if you sell a Gildan Tee at the minimum price of $15, you’ll make no profit, but price it at $25 and you’ll make 100% of the $10 profit. That’s right, you keep 100% of the profit, one-hundred-percent.


We built this new feature as a result of community feedback and we thank you for your passion and interest in creating your very own Streamlabs Merch store! As with anything Streamlabs Merch related we’ll continue to gather and listen to feedback in an effort to make this the best possible merch option for you and your community.

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To create a Streamlabs Merch store, go to your dashboard and click on “Merch Store.” From there you can add products and create an entire store in just a few minutes!

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