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Jun 07, 2022

How to Make an Announcement Channel on Discord

Check out our latest article in our Discord Tutorials series. Learn what an announcement channel can do for your server and how to set one up quickly and easily.

Last Updated on June 23, 2022

If you’ve been following our Discord tutorials series, you might be wondering how to further customize your Discord server. Today we’ll quickly show you how to make an announcement channel in Discord. For those who aren’t familiar with announcement channels, you can find a detailed explanation after the tutorial.

1. Enable Community in Your Settings

Screenshot of Discord "Enable Community" settings

Before creating an announcement channel, you need to enable Community for Discord. Community doesn’t mean that your server will get more exposure or attract more members, it just means that you’ll be able to share posts from other servers on your server and vice versa. 

2. Complete the Safety Checks

screenshot of Discord enable community setup

You’ll need to verify your email with Discord and enable “Scan media content from all members.” This ensures that no one will post any explicit content in your server.

3. Designate the Required Channels

screenshot of Discord asking the user to choose two channels

To have your channel set up for Community, you’ll need a designated rules channel and a channel specifically for Admins and Mods to receive updates from Discord. If you don’t have these channels created already, an option will appear to have Discord create them for you.

4. Confirm the Final Suggestions and Click “Finish Setup”

Screenshot of Discord Community setup to limit notifications and permissions

Discord gives you the option to have notifications default to Mentions Only, which is useful for limiting the number of pings you receive. There is also a suggestion from Discord to remove moderation permissions from users in the “@everyone” role. The “@everyone” role is meant for general users who are below “Admin” and “Mod” in rank. It’s a good idea to check this to ensure that only higher-ranked users can make changes in your server.

5. Choose a Channel to Designate as an Announcement Channel

screenshot of Discord channel settings to designate a channel for announcements

Click the gear icon next to the channel of your choosing and it will take you to this screen. Here you can toggle the “Announcement Channel” option.

6. Your Announcement Channel is Ready!

screenshot of a Discord server with a megaphone icon next to the announcement channel

The megaphone icon means that you successfully created your announcement channel. Well done!

How to Add Announcements in Discord

Now that you have your announcement channel ready, you will have the extra option to “publish” anything you post in the channel. This means that in addition to your server members, people who “follow” your server will also be able to read your announcements. If you follow other servers, you can choose where you’d like announcements from those servers to post on your personal server. If this seems a bit confusing at first, don’t worry.

According to Discord, “Following” is still in its experimental phase. To make things easier to understand, imagine that you and your friends have a server where you talk about Genshin Impact. With the “Follow” option, you can allow Genshin’s server to post directly to any channel you choose. If there’s a Genshin meme server you also follow, you can set up announcements from that server as well. 

Many people on Discord are members of more than one server. Rather than divide up your time hopping from server to server, the “Follow” option enables you to spend time in your own, personal server and have content from your favorite servers delivered right to you. So give the “follow” option a try and see how you like it. Remember that your followers will want to hear about things like events and other important news for your own announcement channel. Be sure to double-check your settings so that only you (and any admins or mods you designate) can post in this space. 

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