So you’ve started your Discord server and invited some friends. The next step is customizing your server with a few bots. Adding a bot to your Discord server takes just a few seconds. We’ll discuss different bot types and give a few recommendations. Then we’ll show you how to add Discord bots and how to add a bot to Discord mobile. Finally, we’ll give you tips on setting up your bot. 

Discord Bot Types

Arguably, the hardest part about adding a bot to your Discord server is choosing which one to add. Larger servers usually contain several. General utility bots help you automate things like welcome messages and social media alerts, the most popular of which is MEE6. There are bots to entertain the people through games or music, create announcements, and encourage people to chat by giving them rank points. Try browsing for bots and adding a few that seem interesting to you. For my small server, I chose MEE6 for general utility, Lofi Radio for music, Mudae for games and fun, and Streamcord, which automatically tells the people in my server whenever I go live.

How to Add Bots to Discord Server (Desktop)

Mudae is a must-have bot for anime lovers as it allows you to battle with other people in the server for “waifu” and “husbando” virtual trading cards. You can then use your “harem” of trading cards to fight other users. Mudae has almost three million downloads and a 4.5-star satisfaction rating, so it’s safe to say this bot will be a promising addition to your server.

How to Install Mudae Bot

  1. Go to the Mudae Bot page and click “Invite to Server.”image of mudae bot main page with "invite" circled
  2. Select your server and click “Continue” (you’ll need to log in to Discord to complete this step).image of mudae bot, user is selecting a serve to invite the bot to
  3. Select the permissions you want to give Mudae, then authorize.Image of Mudae Bot requesting various server permissions
  4. That’s it! Mudae should now be in your server.Mudae bot confirming that it received access to the server

How to Add Bots to Discord Server (Mobile)

Next, we will add the Lofi Radio Bot to a Discord server on mobile (iPhone), allowing members to listen to lofi music through a voice channel. If you love to listen to lofi, you might consider adding this bot to your Discord server. Inviting a bot from your smartphone is as simple as inviting one from your PC. 

How to Install Lofi Radio Bot via iPhone

  1. Go to the Lofi Radio Bot page and click “Invite to Server.”screenshot - taken with an iphone - inviting Lofi Radio to server
  2. If you haven’t signed in, a prompt will appear for you to log in to Discord.
  3. Select your server and click “Continue.”iphone screenshot of Lofi Radio bot being added to a Discord server
  4. Select the permissions you want to give Lofi Radio and click “Authorize.”iPhone screenshot of Lofi Radio requesting permissions
  5. Lofi Radio is in your server! Connect to a voice channel to listen to music.

How to Set Up a Discord Bot

You probably installed Mudae and thought to yourself, “Now what?” Thankfully, Mudae has two commands, “$help” and “$search,” written just underneath its username. Type “$help” to receive a DM from Mudae with a long list of all commands.

image of mudae bot in a Discord server, listing its various commands

From there, you can immediately start looking for “waifus” and experimenting with Mudae’s various features. While some bots, such as MEE6, require a more in-depth setup to fully utilize all the bot offers, Mudae is ready to go the second you add it to your server.

Each bot’s setup will vary, so be sure to google tips or watch YouTube tutorials if you need help. Remember that the bot will only be as good as you make it, meaning that unless you and the people on your server interact with the bot, it will just sit there. So start experimenting with bots on your Discord server to give your members (and you!) a fun and entertaining experience.

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