Cropping your webcam in Streamlabs Desktop could not be easier! Today we’ll show you how to crop your webcam to fit within a variety of overlays. All it takes is one trick:

Just hold down ALT!

If you’re a Streamlabs user, you’re likely already familiar with resizing your webcam by clicking and dragging it from one of the corners. But by simply holding ALT, you can crop out the excess,  perfect for zooming in on your face. You can also hold ALT to crop things like your game or window capture too. Let’s go through everything step-by-step with photos.

First, open Streamlabs (download it here if you haven’t already).

An image of Streamlabs Desktop with a webcam that does not fit within the overlay

As you can see, the camera does not fit within the webcam window. Make sure the “webcam” source is selected and click and drag the webcam from one of the corners to size it down.

image of Streamlabs Desktop with the webcam selected and image cropped

If you keep sizing it down, it will fit within the window. But what if you want to zoom in closer and crop out the excess? You can easily do that by holding ALT. 

Click and drag one of the corners again to size the camera to your liking. Next, position it where you’d like it to go within the frame. 

Now just hold down ALT and click and drag from one of the middle points (note that you cannot size down the camera diagonally with ALT). 

Ta-da! Perfectly cropped and zoomed in. Let’s try that again with a different overlay.

In the gif below, we’re simply holding down ALT to crop the webcam (the webcam is placed underneath the Kawaii: Kitty by Streamspell overlay). 

GIF of a webcam being cropped in Streamlabs Desktop

Next we’re using the same resizing and cropping method to crop the game, which is a video capture. The video capture is also placed underneath the overlay in the sources menu. Psst: Do you know what game this is? Let us know on Twitter if you do!

GIF of a screen capture being cropped in Streamlabs Desktop

Streamlabs has a ton of overlays available, from animated to classic and everything in between. With Streamlabs Ultra, you’ll get access to premium overlays, but there are plenty of free overlays available too. We hope this tutorial helped you out! Stay safe and happy streaming.

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