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Jul 09, 2021

Help la Fondation des Femmes end street harassment

This week, la Fondation des Femmes is highlighting Stand Up, a global training program it has been rolling out throughout France since March 2020, in...

This week, la Fondation des Femmes is highlighting Stand Up, a global training program it has been rolling out throughout France since March 2020, in partnership with L’Oréal Paris and the NGO Hollaback!

The consequences of street harassment for victims are multiple: limiting one’s outings, coming home earlier, getting a ride, avoiding certain places, being careful about how one dresses…Street harassment is an infringement on the freedom of victims, of which there are many. 78% of women worldwide have already been victims of sexual harassment in public places, they are 81% in France, and only 20% of them declare having been helped by witnesses. Faced with the health context, in streets emptied of witnesses, the feeling of insecurity increases and street harassment and sexual assault are still as numerous for women.

Together, let’s put an end to street harassment by learning how to react in order to help women who are victims !

Start a fundraiser today and Stand Up to harassment!

Faced with the health situation, the Stand Up trainings have been entirely digitized and are now done online, free of charge with professionals, to allow everyone to be able to react safely in case of sexist or sexual harassment in a public place. The final objective of this project is that the entire population is able to intervene to put an end to a situation of street harassment.

Tens of thousands of people have been made aware of this via educational videos on standup-international.com or training sessions carried out by partner associations of la Fondation des Femmes; En Avant Toutes and Filactions of the Solidarité Femmes network. More than 40,000 people are now ready to react to fight against street harassment. When will it be your turn?

To allow la Fondation des Femmes to continue to launch projects in favor of women’s rights and against the inequalities and violence they suffer, create a Streamlabs fundraiser and host a charity stream to raise awareness of street harassment.

La Fondation des Femmes

La Fondation des Femmes, under the aegis of the Fondation de France, is the leading foundation in France for women’s rights and freedom and the fight against violence against women. Thanks to the donations it collects from the general public and companies, it supports high-impact associative initiatives.

Fondation des Femmes and Streamlabs

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