Today we are excited to announce Donation GIFs, our latest addition to the tipping experience on Streamlabs. With Donation GIFs, viewers can insert GIFs into their donation alerts.

Uminokaiju: Donation GIFs in action.

There are 2 categories of GIFs:

  • Gfycat: GIFs which match the donation message, curated by our partners at Gfycat. These GIFs were manually screened to make sure content is safe for streaming.
  • GIF Library: these are you own GIFs, custom for your channel (like sub emotes). You can upload and delete GIFs. It is free for your Twitch channel subscribers. Right now you can have up to 5 GIFs in your GIF Library.

You can set the GIFs to appear right before the alert:

Or during the alert (it will replace your alert animation):

Does it cost money?

This is a feature within Streamlabs Pro at $5.99 a month. As long as they tip over the minimum amount, your GIF Library is free to your Twitch channel subscribers. Unfortunately at the moment it won’t be free for your Youtube sponsors/Mixer subscribers, but that is coming in the future.

Are these GIFs safe for streaming?

Yes. This is our priority to make sure Donation GIFs from Gfycat are safe for streams. A reviewer manually screens all of these GIFs before we add them to the search results.

GIFs from GIF Library are up to you to manage and upload. You should look through the content terms of your streaming platform to make sure those are appropriate for streams.

How does this affect my audience and myself as a streamer?

This feature will incentivize your viewers to tip more. You can set the minimum donation amount to trigger a GIF — similar concept as Text-to-Speech.

When text-to-speech first came out, streamers saw a 30% — 50% increase in tips. We expect Donation GIFs will have similar results.

Your viewers will have more ways to interact with you on streams. We will continue curating the GIFs so there will be more content going forward.

As always you have complete control to turn these new features on/off in your donation settings.

Got feedback? We’d love to hear it.

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