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Jun 12, 2020

#Creators4BIPOC Commitment

We believe in a world where everyone is treated equally. We are committed to taking an active role in creating that world. We stand…

Last Updated on February 01, 2022

We believe in a world where everyone is treated equally. We are committed to taking an active role in creating that world. We stand against racism, oppression, and injustice. We stand against racial inequality that Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) have endured for centuries.

Silence is complicity, and action is the only path forward. That is why we are launching a ten year, $1,000,000 minimum commitment to address racial inequality.

Because racism is a centuries-long systematic problem, the solution must also be long term. Today we are announcing our BIPOC Equality Commitment. This Commitment is a holistic long term response to racism that is so deeply embedded in our nation’s history.

First, to partner with the world on positive change, we must look within and change. As a company, we are learning and will continue to learn, how we can be an advocate and an ally for our BIPOC employees, creators, partners, and community. We have programs internally focused on diversity and inclusion and will continue to invest and build upon these programs. We will continue investing in our Streamlabs charity product with a greater emphasis on civil rights organizations focused on racial inequality. We will work to amplify the voices of our BIPOC creators in our community.

Second, we want to use our resources to bring change.

We are donating a minimum of $1,000,000 to charities focused on the fight for racial equality and justice over the next ten years, with the first $100,000 donated this June 2020 to charities focused on supporting the Black community in the fight against racism and police brutality.

We are also announcing today the launch of #Creators4BIPOC, a movement that will happen each June under our ten year commitment program. We encourage all creators to support this movement by contributing donations to causes focused on racial equality for the Black community during this month of June. Streamlabs charity platform has been updated with #Creators4BIPOC to easily go live and support a racial equality cause of your choice.

As part of this announcement, we partnered with TFBlade, Jauz, and Raquel for their charity streams to support #Creators4BIPOC. We set aside an additional pool of funds to match a portion of donations on their charity streams.

We realize we can achieve much more together as a community than we can alone, and we hope that all creators participate in this June 2020 #Creators4BIPOC movement for racial equality. All creators are eligible to use our charity product to raise funds during their stream. We take no fees and will amplify on our social channels to help creators participating maximize their reach. Strength in numbers. Let’s see how much we can raise together!

We are hopeful that a more inclusive and just world is possible, and we are committed to doing the work to get us there, individually and as a community. Together we can make a difference.


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