Before you get started with any of the troubleshooting, ensure that you double-check the following:

  1. The bot is turned ON in the platform you are streaming on
  2. The bot is modded in your channel
    Twitch: type /mod Streamlabs
    YouTube: go to your YouTube Studio > Settings > Community and adding If you are using the custom name feature, make sure to mod the custom name that you have chosen for your bot
  3. The bot is showing up in your viewer list
  4. At least one command is working


  1. Turn the bot off, wait 2-10 minutes, turn it back on again
  2. If you recently changed your name, please turn off the bot, relog, and turn the bot on again
  3. Unmod and remod the bot
  4. Ensure what you are trying to trigger is turned ON

If you have a custom name, also do the following:

  1. Ensure you have an Alert Box in every scene of your collection (or launch an Alert Box widget in a browser from, then mute the browser if you do not want an alertbox in every scene).
  2. Do not use your personal Twitch username as your bot username.  Create a new account and link your new bot account
  3. Right-click your Alert Box Widget> Properties > Sources > Refresh cache of page
    If you are using a browser source, right-click> Properties> scroll down to Refresh cache of page 


Triggering at the same time

Timers on Cloudbot are not sequential but are parallel.  This means that if you have Timer A set for 5 minutes, and Timer B set for 5 minutes, they will both trigger at the same time.  Any timer that is set in multiples will trigger at the same time.


10, 15, 20 (multiples of 5)


  • Timers for Socials and Charity would overlap at 20 minutes, and continue to overlap every 20 minutes thereafter
  • Timers for Socials and Rules would overlap at 30 minutes, and continue to overlap every 30 minutes thereafter
  • All the timers would overlap at the hour mark and continue to overlap every hour thereafter

To fix this, we may want to do a timer of 5, 7, and 11.  These would overlap very infrequently


  • Timers for Socials and Rules would only overlap 35 minutes into the broadcast and every 35 minutes thereafter
  • Timers for Socials and Charity would only overlap at 55 minutes into the broadcast and every 55 minutes thereafter
  • Timers Rules and Charity would only overlap every 77 minutes into the broadcast and every 77 minutes thereafter

Not triggering

  1. Ensure that the timers are toggled ON
  2. Both time intervals and line minimums must be met in order to trigger the command

Please note that if you are using line minimums that only the last 5 minutes worth of chat will be counted toward meeting the line minimums.

Commands Not Working

  1. Check a default command and/or create a !test command without any permission settings.  If this does not work, please see the Unresponsive Section
  2. Check each command to ensure that it is ON
  3. Ensure you are typing in the command correctly (ex. !redeem <loyalty item>)
  4. Ensure that you have Cloudbot loyalty points if the command requires points (ex. !bet <points>)
  5. Check the cooldown for the command.  You can check this by going to Commands > Settings

Variables/Parameter Not Working

There are variables/parameters that are unrestricted while there are others that are restricted to certain sections of Cloudbot.  As you can see here in the Loyalty section, there are commands that say only Loyalty, while others say Custom Commands and Loyalty.  The ones that indicate Loyalty can only be used within the default loyalty commands, while the ones that say Custom Commands are unrestricted.


Not Receiving Loyalty Points

  1. Ensure that loyalty is enabled
  2. The payout interval may be too high, ensure that it's set to the amount of time you wish for it to be
    Example: If you only stream for 1 hour, and your payout is at 65 minutes, no one would receive points
  3. Ensure that your live/active users payout is not set to 0
    YouTube: There is no "viewer list" and therefore the bot cannot give points to "live" users, only "active" users (users who type in chat).

If you still need assistance, please join us in our Discord or submit a ticket here.

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