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Oct 22, 2022

Charity Spotlight: Raising Tactical Daughters

Stop Domestic Violence In 2019 Kevin Coles was preparing for the birth of his daughter. Realizing that the world is often unsafe, especially for...

Stop Domestic Violence

In 2019 Kevin Coles was preparing for the birth of his daughter. Realizing that the world is often unsafe, especially for women, Kevin began researching the topic, uncovering the scary truth. 1 -4 women will experience some form of assault, abuse, rape, or stalking in their lifetime. Women are 3x more likely to be the victims of violent crimes than to graduate college, while Kevin’s home state of Arizona has the 5th highest rate of domestic violence in the country, and 18th highest risk for human trafficking. Kevin, unsure of how to raise a daughter to be strong, confident, and safe in an unsafe world, put together a program that would accomplish just that, resulting in the founding of Raising Tactical Daughters.

Raised by a military family, Kevin has had years of training in self-defense, situational awareness, and certification in weapons instruction. With these skills, he created a program to teach women and young girls the basics for keeping themselves safe. What Initially started as a means to keep his daughter safe, Kevin is now creating programs for all women, which are accessible throughout the world. 

A message from Kevin:

“I wanted to keep my little girl safe, I never want to get that phone call when she’s older saying she’s been abused, or she has gone missing. This tragedy is something that everyone knows happens, but I truly don’t think people understand to what extent. The heart-breaking stories don’t stop, the number of DMs and messages of women telling us their stories increase daily.  Our community has grown tremendously over the last couple years, reaching almost every state in the US, to overseas in the UK, to Norway. I am blessed to be able to help so many women, and extremely hurt that we have such a large community of women who have had to go through such trauma.”

About Raising Tactical Daughters INC

Raising Tactical Daughters’ primary goal is to train and educate women and young girls in Situational Awareness, Conflict De-escalation, and Non-Lethal self-defense around the country.

With the proceeds of online courses and the Survivor Shop, Raising Tactical Daughters offers aid to all Domestic Violence and Human trafficking survivors in their recovery process. Working with local experts and shelters, Raising Tactical Daughters can assist women during the hardest time of their life and help them get as close to normalcy as possible. 

How YOU Can Help:

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. We encourage you to show your support, by becoming a voice for those who have been silenced. RTD has teamed up with Streamlabs Charity to provide creators the tools to use their platform as a means of speaking out against domestic violence, human trafficking, and sexual assault. Let’s unite our communities in a singular mission. To fight for the right to live without fear. For the safety of women everywhere.

How do viewer donations help:

$20 assists women in their safety education providing resources and materials.

$50 Helps train women in self-defense training.

$100 Basic necessities for Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking survivors

$500 Recovery package for women and single mothers to aid in recovery and ensure their family stays together.

Helpful Links:

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