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Oct 29, 2022

Charity Spotlight: Feeding America

HELP CREATE A HUNGER-FREE AMERICA It’s time to join Team Feed, Feeding America’s fundraising community, to make a real difference...


It’s time to join Team Feed, Feeding America’s fundraising community, to make a real difference rallying donations online to support the nation’s largest domestic hunger-relief organization and food bank network of 200 food banks and 60,000 food pantries and meals programs. With 53 million people relying on charitable food assistance last year, Team Feed Virtual Food Drives have become an important and impactful way individuals and communities across the country can help provide meals to neighbors in need and join the fight against hunger.


Every $1 raised helps provide at least 10 meals to neighbors in need.

Instead of hosting a traditional food drive collecting dry and canned goods, a virtual food drive fundraiser empowers you and your community to have an even greater impact in providing meals to neighbors because funds raised allows Feeding America to turn a donated dollar into more meals than if you donated food you’d purchase at the store. Here are three reasons why you should host a virtual food drive collecting funds over food:

  • Feeding America can turn a donated dollar into more meals.

Rather than paying retail prices, the Feeding America network works with major manufacturers, retailers, and farmers to secure healthy foods and combat food waste. And food banks use donated funds to help cover the cost of picking up the food from donors and bringing it to their warehouses.

  • Donations build healthier communities.

We work to keep our network food banks and pantries stocked with more fresh fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy, and lean proteins. These perishable items can’t be directly donated through food drives but are vital for healthy lives. 

  • We use funds to combat food waste.

Over 108 billion pounds of perfectly good food is wasted every year. By working directly with farmers, we help ensure that healthy fruits and vegetables that don’t make it to the grocery store end up on the plates of families in need instead of a landfill. When you support our food rescue program, not only are you making a contribution to families in need but to creating a more sustainable world.

With supply chain disruptions and costs rising, cash donations make a big difference in ensuring that the Feeding America Network has the financial support needed to stay strong and continue serving nearly every community in all 50 states, Washington D.C., and Puerto Rico. 

If you are in a situation where you need free food or free groceries, we’re here for you. The Feeding America network of food banks is in every county in the country. There are many different forms of food assistance for you and your family. Feeding America has programs to reach children, seniors, and families, no matter where they live or spend time, to get food to people where they are and when they need it most.

Team Feed encourages you to sign up today, join the movement in the fight against hunger, and make a real impact with a virtual food drive fundraiser.

You can learn more about Feeding America’s mission and work by visiting www.feedingamerica.org

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