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Oct 24, 2022

Creator Spotlight: Qrocks—Winner of the All Stars Twitchcon Giveaway

We caught up with the winner of our giveaway Quintin aka Qrocks to chat about life as a growing streamer and of course, his experience at TwitchCon San Diego.

Last Updated on November 09, 2022

It’s always a celebratory moment in the Streamlabs office when we get to celebrate and connect with our creators on a personal level. Recently, we had the honor of running a giveaway for our All-Stars, featuring an all-expense-paid trip to TwitchCon San Diego. If you’re not familiar, All-Stars is a completely free way to earn tons of great prizes as you use Streamlabs tools to grow your channel and bring your brand to the next level. We caught up with the winner of our giveaway Quintin aka Qrocks to chat about life as a growing streamer and of course, his experience at TwitchCon San Diego.

What was the moment that made you say to yourself: “I want to be a Twitch streamer”?

Growing up I found so much enjoyment watching streamers back when Twitch was still just a new concept. I consistently watched some of the “Twitch OG’s”—primarily one named Swiftor who would play Call of Duty and host open lobbies of custom games such as Michael Myers or Hide & Seek, just to name a few. His stream really opened up so many doors when it came to meeting new people and finding new streamers I really enjoyed watching. 

There was something so special about witnessing a live video of someone interacting with their community in real-time through chat or playing in lobbies people could join in—that always resonated with me. I started streaming years ago and enjoyed it but when I had my first couple of followers that would tell me they enjoyed what I was doing, I absolutely fell in love with it! I couldn't be happier to have started my streaming career and I’m so excited to see where it continues to go!

If there’s anything you could go back and tell yourself before starting out in this industry, what would it be?

“JUST DO IT!” or I guess in a more well thought out regard, I’d tell myself that instead of sitting on ideas, thinking that “this would be great” or “that would be cool,” instead just follow my heart and act on those ideas! There’s no reason to try and fit into the current trend if you feel you could create something special, and even then, don’t act on these ideas for anyone else. Instead, do it for yourself as you’ll find staying true to who you are will generate the greatest content you could ever dream of creating.

What’s your favorite part about streaming?

Creating connections with people I wouldn’t have been able to know otherwise! I’ve made so many lasting friendships through streaming and hanging out in other’s chats. There’s honestly no better feeling than a new name popping up and continuing to hang out through future streams, whether they find you by exploring the Browse page or by a raid, it’s such a humbling feeling.

What are some of your favorite hobbies outside of streaming?

It may not be that hard to tell at first glance, but I’ve been a lifelong nerd and totally embrace it! Hahaha, it was difficult to get me to stop playing video games growing up (still just as difficult honestly). I’ve always been a huge fan of going to the movies, binging my favorite shows, reading comics, etc. Outside of that though, I do love getting outside and exploring the world around me. I love photography and capturing as many moments as I can even though I almost always wish I had captured more! There’s also the musical side of me that loves going to concerts or blaring my speakers to my favorite artists, singing every lyric that I hear. I always try my best to experience anything I can and to not let any moment go to waste!

What is something your viewers may be surprised to learn about you? 

Besides the fact my hairline is actually better than some of my viewers will make it out to be (lol), I really think most would be surprised by the amount of time I spend watching videos of games I enjoy or simply researching the lore for a game I’ve been playing. Also Corgi’s... I swear my feed on every social media platform is Corgi videos.  I never talk about it, but I genuinely hope to one day have a house full of them. LUL

What has been the most memorable moment of your streaming career so far?

There’s so many memorable moments, whether it be of me hitting clips, or getting raided by a streamer I really look up to. The one that stands out the most must be the time I was playing Jackbox with all of my viewers and someone managed to draw a fairly accurate picture of me. It was very flattering and I actually bought a shirt of it. I should really dig it out and hang it up hahaha.

How was your TwitchCon experience? Any highlights you’d like to share?

TwitchCon was incredible! I had such a blast, putting names to faces, meeting friends, making friends—meeting people I look up to and holding a conversation with them! The entire experience was amazing. It was such an honor to have won the trip and it is something I could never forget.

Anything else you’d like to share to anyone reading this article?

Never be afraid to follow your dreams! Regardless of where it takes you, if you’re doing something YOU enjoy then it was always worth it and it’ll forever be! Always remember to love yourself and remain positive every step of the way.

We’re so happy to support creators like Qrocks in their streaming journey. If you like to catch up with Qrocks be sure to connect with him on Twitch, Twitter, YouTube or Instagram.

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