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Sep 17, 2022

Charity Spotlight: Baitulmaal

Pakistan Flood Relief 2022 As Flood Waters Rise in Pakistan, Our Compassion Must, Too Baitulmaal, Inc. Sept. 2, 2022 When Pakistan first began...

Pakistan Flood Relief 2022

As Flood Waters Rise in Pakistan, Our Compassion Must, Too

Baitulmaal, Inc. Sept. 2, 2022

When Pakistan first began experiencing higher-than-average rainfall in June, Baitulmaal was implementing a seasonal giving program in Pakistan’s northwestern provinces that provided fresh meat to families in need. As the rain waters began to rise, Baitulmaal quickly mobilized efforts to ensure that impacted families also had access to food staples like rice, flour and lentils in addition to clean, potable water.

The scale of the emergency grew over the next several weeks. More than 1,300 individuals lost their lives in the floods, and thousands more were injured. Over 1 million homes were destroyed, and according to the World Health Organization, an estimated 800 health facilities have also been damaged. One-third of the country is now under water, displacing an estimated 33 million people from their homes. That’s the equivalent of 90 percent of Canada’s population, or 4 times the number of people internally displaced by the war in Ukraine.

The situation in Pakistan is so dire, the U.N. has classified it as a Level 3 humanitarian emergency – the highest level imaginable. Flood waters have polluted water sources and decimated crops and livestock. Millions are without access to safe, clean water, food, shelter or income. Many are at risk of malnutrition and diseases like cholera, malaria, polio and COVID-19. And with so many health facilities impacted, families are unable to receive adequate medical care in the midst of such a large-scale crisis.

Baitulmaal takes a comprehensive approach to ensuring the welfare of those in need. It understands that a community cannot thrive if it is in the throes of hunger, thirst, disease or disaster. Baitulmaal’s mission is to respond to emergencies with life-saving food, water, medicine, hygiene, and shelter; sustain families with meals, water wells, sanitation, and healthcare; and empower communities to thrive with life-enriching programs to help them rise above poverty and improve their lives.

Baitulmaal has ramped up efforts to distribute food and clean water in Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa provinces. It is also mobilizing more aid to Umerkot in the Sindh province, which is in desperate need of tents, medicines, hygiene kits and household items like solar lights and kitchen supplies in addition to food and clean water. 

Baitulmaal’s emergency aid program will be implemented over 3 months to reach an estimated 5,000 families with food, clean water, shelter, and supplies, in addition to operating medical camps and initiating rebuilding efforts.

As the rain continues to pour in Pakistan, our compassion can, too. We may not be able to stop flood waters from rising over the next few weeks, but we can help prevent hunger and disease from rising as well. Every donation makes a difference.

Baitulmaal believes in the power of turning compassion into hope. As an international humanitarian aid organization, it serves as a conduit between the compassion of its donors and the needs of their beneficiaries. And in times of crisis, Baitulmaal is ready to respond.

Join us by contributing to emergency flood relief efforts in Pakistan, and turn your compassion into hope today.

About Baitulmaal, Inc.

Baitulmaal, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with IRS Tax ID: 20-0942434. As an international humanitarian aid organization, Baitulmaal provides life-saving, life-sustaining and life-enriching aid to people in need around the world regardless of faith or nationality. Founded in 2004, Baitulmaal is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and has domestic offices and representatives in California, Florida, Illinois, Michigan and New Jersey as well as international offices in Africa, South Asia and the Middle East. Communities helped by Baitulmaal include those in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Ghana, India, Ivory Coast, Jordan, Kenya, Lebanon, Pakistan, Palestine, Somalia, South America, Syria, Ukraine, Yemen, and the United States of America. You can learn more by visiting Baitulmaal.org.

Suggested Donation Levels:

$70 Food Packages 

$100 Tents

$160 Basic Household Essentials
(cookware, cleaning and hygiene supplies, mosquito nets, solar lights, etc.

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