If you are looking for the most adorable way to interact with your viewers, look no further. Bongo Cat is a lovable cat that reacts to your keyboard and other events!

When certain events like follows, subscriptions, donations, and more are activated, Bongo Cat will celebrate along with you!

Download Bongo Cat from the Streamlabs App Store.

How do I set up my first widget?

When you install Bongo Cat for the first time you will have two options.

  1. Add a widget by picking a preset from the initial page:

2) Or you can create and add a widget from the Editor.


How do I edit a widget?

From the sources section in the Editor tab, right-click on Bongo Cat > edit and that will take you to the Edit screen.


How do I change the images?

From the edit screen, hover over the image of the state you would like to change. From here you can choose from a gallery of images. Pick one or upload your own custom image.


How do I disable a state?

Simply press the Disable button for a specific state which will force it to be ignored.


How do I remove a state?

You can remove a state after pressing the edit button. Keep in mind, the default keyboard states (all four initial combinations) can’t be removed.

How do I remove the “Key Combination” state?

You can’t remove default states, but you can disable them if you want.

How do I add an event?

Find the state you want to set up, click on “edit” and then click on “Add Event”.


How do I edit an event?

Find the state you want to set up, click on “edit” and then select the event you want to edit, the options will appear.

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