Streamlabs: First can you please introduce yourself and how long you’ve been making content on YouTube for?

Muaaz: My name is Muaaz and I’m a YouTuber who has been uploading on YouTube since like 2008 but I really only started taking it seriously in late 2015 which is actually when I built like my proper content model, if you would say. Just like a lot of us started out, I basically started out making a bunch of random videos that were pretty pointless, but it was mainly just to show my friends and those were like basically random gameplays, skits, commentaries and things like that.

I never really got anywhere with it, but I did notice that I was slowly getting some random subscribers along the way and then just before I went off to college in late 2015 I told myself that if I ever want to try taking YouTube seriously, now would be the time to grind it. I’m really happy to say that it’s paid off.

Streamlabs: For those who may not know, what type of content do you usually make?

Muaaz: All right. The way I best like to describe my channel to other people is that it’s basically the go-to place if you’re looking for content at the intersection of gaming and technology. The videos that are uploaded, usually technological videos, how-to tutorials, YouTube tips and all that. It’s just really not even scratching the surface of what you can find on my channel.

I also make a lot of videos on how you can actually grow a YouTube channel or Twitch stream through the use of online video and social media. And the reason why I do those kinds of videos, along with like my tech videos, is because I remember that when I started out, I definitely could have used that kind of guidance and help. So this is kind of like my way of giving back.

Streamlabs: How did you first get involved in content creation and the world of Youtube?


Muaaz: So I first got involved with content creation when I found a video camera in my house as a kid and I started recording myself, like doing make-believe. WWE moves on like stuff animals. But then I never really did anything with that. I wonder if I could have made it as like a WWE wrestler or something, but I don’t know.

Who knows? But, when it comes to YouTube though, I think it was at a friend’s house back in like maybe 2006, 2007. I really don’t remember. Like early two thousands. And that we found a YouTube channel that was basically two friends making comedic style videos and they ended up being known as Smosh. So I just start off, making like comedic style videos like Smosh initially and then I moved on to like gaming and then I went back to comedy. Then I went to like tech videos and I went back to gaming. I tried a bunch of different things and if you’re a creator, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Most of the time we really don’t know what we want to do readily. We start out, but along the way we usually ended up figuring it out. And for me, it was tech and gaming combined into one and that’s what worked out for me.

It’s going to be different for everyone and it’s totally okay if it takes you a while to find what you truly want to do on YouTube.

Streamlabs: What was the hardest thing about creating content on YouTube when you first started?

Muaaz: When I first started taking YouTube seriously, I’d say the hardest thing about creating content was actually coming up with the video ideas that I knew people would actually want to watch or actually want to click on. And I’m, in reality, literally any of us can actually upload videos to YouTube, but if they’re not videos that someone would actually move their mouse or move their thumb over and actually click on, we’re probably not going to get views. And honestly now looking back on it, that’s exactly why I barely grew. When I first started out I just wasn’t thinking about it the right away in the that I actually started thinking about YouTube from the viewer’s point of view.

That’s when I finally started seeing some success. I will try to think about the things that I personally would deal when I was looking for videos to watch on youtube and then I would basically reverse engineer it and try to get other people to start clicking on my videos by thinking about those things when I’m actually making my video.

Streamlabs: Do you have any advice for new people just starting out?


Muaaz: So advice for new people starting out is literally just watch my channel, but in reality, I know that YouTube is getting more saturated on basically a daily basis and one of the most popular questions I get is, can I make it as a YouTube or Twitch streamer or content creator or whatever? And my biggest piece of advice is yes, it is getting much harder on literally a daily basis to find success on Youtube and Twitch. But in reality, you’ll never know if you don’t try. I’m sure most of us is watching right now know that this does require a lot of time and I’m sure most of you also know that this is not going to be an overnight thing whatsoever. No matter if you’re YouTuber or a Twitch streamer or an Instagrammer or whatever, it is not going to happen overnight.

And one other thing that I do want to mention is that if you’re only doing it so that you can make a ton of money and get a bunch of views, which of course would be the end goal in one way or another, I feel like it is for all of us in one way or another. But I can promise you that it’s not going to come for a while. And if that’s your main motivation for starting, then you’re more than likely not going to come off as authentic and it’s most likely just not going to work. I know that literally every single YouTube or Twitch streamer or whatever says this, but honestly, only do this stuff if you truly have a passion for it. And that if you can see yourself enjoying spending your free time focusing on it, time is honestly our most valuable asset so why wasted doing something that you don’t enjoy when you could be doing something else that you enjoy and you might find success doing that instead. So honestly, only do this if you have a passion for it.

People will definitely be more drawn to you if they can see that you love what you do and you’re authentic.

So just keep that in mind guys, like honestly, it’s probably one of the biggest tips that I can give you.

Streamlabs: Were there other YouTubers, content creators that you looked up to and inspired you to start making content in YouTube?

Muaaz: I think the biggest creator that I look up to that actually inspired me to start creating content myself was Nadeshot, and we make completely different kinds of content. You know he makes more like lifestyle kind of videos now.

He used to make gaming ones and I just do gaming and tech. But nonetheless, it was really inspiring to me to see someone working so hard and blowing up, doing something that they were truly passionate about while proving so many others wrong and finding success while doing so. In turn, he was actually able to build a fan base that liked him for who he was and not just the kind of content he uploaded. And he’s literally been able to like build a brand off of that and build a business off of that which truly inspires me.

Streamlabs: Did you ever think you’d be creating content full time?

Muaaz: I honestly never thought that I’d be creating content full time, let alone just straight out of college and it’s just a massive blessing that I’m even in the position that I’m currently in right now. All my friends and family know that I used to dream about this.

Like I literally used to dream about this back in middle school and high school being in the position that I’m currently in so that now that I’m finally here, it’s just really humbling and I don’t know. I’m at a loss for words whenever I actually try describing it to other people.

Streamlabs: What are some goals or aspirations that you’d like to achieve in 2019 and beyond?

Muaaz: My biggest goal in life is really just getting to a point where I know that my family and my won’t have to worry about a single thing as long as I’m able to provide for them in one way or another. Now, whether that’s like helping them out financially or helping them build like a business or a brand or like there own YouTube channel or their own Twitch stream or even just introducing someone to someone else who works at their dream company. If I’m able to help people out with things like that, it’s going to bring me a tremendous amount of happiness and I know that I could change someone else’s life doing it.

Streamlabs: When you are creating content, what kinds of things do you like to do in your free time?

Muaaz: Now, this is going to sound like a really weird answer, but honestly, my favorite thing to do in my free time is literally nothing. Like I very much just enjoy laying in bed, like maybe watching a movie on Netflix or watching a TV show or something and not doing anything at all. Like I’m sure a lot of guys relate with me here, please don’t tell me when we were doing it, but literally, I enjoy doing nothing. Like that’s my favorite pastime. I’m being honest with you.

Streamlabs: Has making content on YouTube opened up doors or opportunities that you weren’t expecting?

Muaaz: YouTube has honestly opened up a tremendous amount of doors that I literally never expected in my life. Like I’m now friends with people who work at companies that I used to dream about working with and I made connections with people that I never thought I would be able to talk with in my life. Like it’s really insane to me and I feel like a better word for that is not insane, but it’s really humbling that I’ve even been able to get this far and I just want to help other people be able to do the same.

It’s still pretty surreal to me and I’m very blessed to be in this position. I really couldn’t ask for any other way and now we just want to help other people. Just like I said before, get to where I am always still continuing to build myself up at the same time.

Anyways, guys, that’s it for me. I hope you guys enjoyed the video. Once again, my name is Muaaz. You guys can check me out with both my Twitter and my YouTube, which should be linked in the description below. Once again, I do want to say thank you so much for watching and I might see you guys on my channel, so see you guys there. Peace.

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