The holiday season is upon us and to help our Streamlabs family get in the holiday mood, we are bringing some of your favorite streamers to you for a special Holiday stream event. Beginning this Wednesday, we will be kicking off #12DaysofStreaming. What is this ?

Well, not exactly, but for twelve consecutive days, Dec. 13–24th, one special streamer will stream using Streamlabs’ new mobile app celebrating the holiday season. We‘ll be kicking off the event with Shiphtur, a rising star on Twitch, and joining him throughout the month, will be DisguisedToast, dmbrandon, who‘ll be bringing us his review of the highly anticipated new Star Wars movie. No, we haven’t forgotten the ladies, also on deck we’ll have Pokimane, Alinity and Stpeach, each hosting a special stream for the holiday season. The full schedule is below, be sure to check it out.

Tune in each day to see what your favorite streamer will do, decking the halls, doing some holiday shopping, baking cookies, who knows! I guess you’ll have to tune in to find out.

In case you didn’t know, earlier this year we launched our very own live streaming mobile app for Android and iOs, allowing for more engagement between streamer and viewer. To date, we have over 50K monthly active users using our app daily. The top features on the app allows streamers to set up their stream to mirror their desktop with the same widgets, including tipping, real-time notifications, and other interactions, different than any other mobile app on the market.

Download it today and see for yourself. how Streamlabs is making streaming easy as 1–2–3!

Full Schedule for #12DaysofStreaming

Dec. 13th- Shiphtur — 1PM PT

Dec. 14th — Alinity- 12:00PM PT

Dec. 15th — dmbrandon- 7:00AM PT

Dec. 16th — Pmsproxy- 12:00PM PT

Dec. 17th — Shortyguy- 6:00PM PT

Dec.18th — GiantWaffle- TBD

Dec. 19th — DisguisedToast- 12:00PM PT

Dec. 20th — Stpeach- 1:00PM PT

Dec. 21st- Trick2g- 4:00PM PT

Dec. 22nd — Lilypichu- 3:00PM PT

Dec. 23rd- Pokimane- 2:00PM PT

Dec. 24th- Emiru- 3:00PM PT

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