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May 15, 2019

Who is STPeach? — Interview with Twitch Streamer STPeach

In the second video of our Streamer Spotlight series, we are interviewing popular Twitch streamer STpeach. We talk tips to help new…

Last Updated on August 31, 2022

In the second video of our Streamer Spotlight series, we are interviewing popular Twitch streamer STpeach. We talk tips to help new streamers build a Twitch following, discuss career goals, favorite live streaming moments and more.

*Full Transcription from the interview below*

Streamlabs: How did you transition to live streaming? How did you get into live streaming?

STPeach: I actually started live streaming, around the same time that I started dental assisting. I finished school and I had the summer off and I decided I would try streaming just for fun and maybe meet some new friends and I worked as a dental assistant part time and streamed part time until I ended up making more money streaming. And I was like, okay, I guess it’s time for me to pursue something that I enjoy more and see where it takes me.

Streamlabs: At what point in time did you realize you could make a living out live streaming?

STpeach: I remember it was in April, I think two years ago and I was working so, so hard dental assisting and coming home just exhausted and feeling like I just don’t have the energy to stream as soon as I get home. I’m so tired but I’m making more money streaming. So it just didn’t make sense to keep doing dental assisting. I could always go back to dental assisting if I want to. So that’s nice to have. But I figured I might as well ride this wave while I can.

Streamlabs: You recently moved from Canada. What is the best thing and the worst thing about living in California?

STPeach: The best thing is definitely the weather. I’m originally from Canada, so the fact that I can have warm weather and go outside in shorts pretty much all year is amazing. The worst is definitely being a far from my family.

Streamlabs: What were some of your favorite video games growing up?


STPeach: Well, we had an N64, but my brothers never let me play it. So I would just sit there and watch and just be like, one day I’m going to play games myself. So the first system that I personally got was my game boy advance, and the first game I ever got was the Earthworm Jim game. That was definitely a huge moment for me.

But my favorite games were Kirby and Yoshi’s islands. Those were definitely when I was like, okay, gaming is going to be something important to me.

Streamlabs: What does a typical daily routine look like?

STPeach: I wake up probably around 9:00 AM. I know it’s pretty late, but I like to sleep in. I do errands, clean the house. And then I start streaming around 12. I stream until maybe about 6:00 PM and then after I go to the gym and I eat dinner and then I watch TV and go to bed.

Streamlabs: What are some of your hobbies you enjoy doing that help you unwind or relax?

STPeach: Well I like playing video games. I know that sounds silly because I played video games on stream, but it’s like a different feel being able to play video games off stream where you can just like veg and not think about having to talk to a chat or be entertaining. You can just zone in on the game.

I go to the gym pretty frequently. I’m definitely into fitness and that type of thing. And to be quite honest with you, my favorite thing to do is to lie in bed and be lazy.

Streamlabs: What is some advice that you’d give to a new streamer starting out?

STPeach: What I always tell new streamers is do it for fun. Make friends, enjoy your time. Don’t be so focused on making money. Just have fun with it.

Streamlabs: What is the most surprising thing you’ve learned about streaming over the last 4 years?

STPeach: You can meet some really, really amazing people online. Like some subscribers and my mods have become like my best friends and I’m forever grateful, but you can also meet some really terrible people, so you just gotta be careful and make sure you be safe online.

Streamlabs: What are some of your future ambitions?


STPeach: So in my streaming career, I feel like I’m at a place where I’m just kind of at peace and I love my community. I love the games I’m playing. I love where I am. So I feel really good at that place. Instead of like constantly feeling like I need to make the next milestone. I’m at like, I think 850K [[followers]] or something like that on twitch. It’d be really cool to be able to hit 1 million and I think it’ll be able to happen eventually, but I don’t want to be focusing on it cause I feel like that takes away from me just enjoying myself on stream. In terms of future goals, personally, I’m getting married soon. So, down the road, start a family, things like that. Get a house, and hopefully travel to Asia. I want to go to Japan and Korea really badly.

Streamlabs: What is your favorite tool or feature from Streamlabs?

STPeach: I love being able to use the phone app and live stream from it. It’s super easy and super convenient and that’s what I always live stream from it.

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