Any live streamer will tell you that engaging with your community is super important to help you grow on Twitch. One way that Twitch makes engaging with your community exciting is with Channel Points. With this reward system, viewers can redeem points (earned for things such as watch time and streaks) for special opportunities to participate in your live stream. Twitch allows creators to customize what viewers receive for redeeming channel points so long as they follow set guidelines. Twitch Channel Points serve as a way for you to support your supporters by rewarding them for their viewership and engagement.

If you’re not taking full advantage of customizing your Twitch Channel Points rewards, this is your sign to get started today. It will be fun for viewers, but it will also help increase viewership on your channel and retention, potentially turning your viewers into loyal subscribers. Not sure what custom rewards to offer for Twitch channel point redemptions? Keep reading for some ideas to get you started.

Emote Modifications

The Twitch community loves emotes (honestly, how couldn’t you?). The only thing viewers love more than emotes is the ability to customize them. From adding cool accessories to tweaking the colors of your emotes, emote modifications are a sure-fire way to get viewers excited about earning and redeeming loyalty points.

Emote-Only Mode

Another emote-based idea for redeeming Twitch channel points is turning on emote-only mode for a limited time. Viewers will have a blast letting off as many emotes as possible while the time permits. If you do choose this as a reward, be sure to keep the timer short so the chat can start conversation back up quickly.  

Let Viewers Choose Your Next Game

Let your audience feel in control of your live stream by allowing them to choose your next gameplay after redeeming a specified amount of points. This will allow viewers to customize their streaming experience, and it will give you better insight into what games they enjoy watching you play. Since this reward gives viewers so much control, we recommend setting the redemption number higher.

Give a Live Performance

Though your viewers are there to indulge in the content you typically share within your niche, a quick dance break is a great way to liven up the room. Whether you have a special hidden talent or enjoy singing/dancing/rapping for fun, thank viewers by giving them a front-row performance at your exclusive concert. No real dancing skills or singing abilities are necessary. 

Give a Shoutout

Simply say hello to the viewer or give them a nice compliment they’ll never forget—either way, they’ll truly appreciate the attention from one of their favorite creators (you). While we’re on the topic, you can also have viewers mention the person in the chat to make them feel extra special. A redemption worthwhile.

Change Your Environment

Your setup is such an integral part of your live stream. However, it wouldn’t hurt to switch things up from time to time and allow those who redeem to determine your next setup change. Whether prompting you to set up a different background or tweak lighting, your viewers will enjoy virtually being part of your setup crew. 

Share a Random Fun Fact About Yourself

Let your viewers get the opportunity to know you on a somewhat personal level by sharing a fun or random fact about yourself that they don’t know. Just make sure that it’s something that you haven’t shared before. 

Take a Water Break

When you’re busy entertaining your viewers, it can be easy to forget to do simple yet important tasks like drinking water. Allow your viewers to hold you accountable for your water intake while streaming. This may be one of the items on this list you can set at a lower redemption amount to allow those new to your channel (or those without points racked up) the chance to participate.

Offer a Mystery Surprise

Entice viewers by allowing them to redeem for a secret reward that will only be revealed once redeemed. To pique their interest, drop occasional hints without totally giving away the “prize.” Just make sure the prize is worthwhile, and it requires an appropriate number of redeemed points to be revealed. 

Lurk Notifications

This reward is to thank viewers that love watching your content but don’t necessarily engage heavily in the chat. Allow them to redeem points by using the “!lurk” command in the chat, which will prompt a notification thanking them for the support for everyone to see. It also sets the tone that lurking is highly appreciated. 

Don’t be afraid to switch up what viewers can receive for redeeming channel points to keep things interesting. Remember to give your channel points a unique name and icon so that it feels personalized to your channel and keep viewers coming back for more.

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