The Streamlabs Merch Store is the best option for streamers. It is the only solution that provides all the tools a live streamer needs to build, sell, and scale their merch successfully.

Matthewkheafy’s Merch Store

“I come from the professional touring music world, so I’ve dealt with suppliers, vendors, materials, artists, distribution, everything. Already. For the last 20 years. So to see how simple Streamlabs has made the merch creation, selling, and purchasing/ handling system is insane.”

—Matthew Kiichi Heafy

Having helped streamers sell $2 million in merch, we’ve talked to countless streamers and continually improved our offerings and tools to serve the specific needs of a live streamer. Here are some of the features that streamers love and can’t live without:

Custom Merch Alerts

Custom alerts
Let your viewers get the recognition they deserve on-stream in the easiest, most straightforward way.

Set your own price
Nobody knows your viewers better than you. This is your merch store and you have the power to set your own prices.

Faster shipping
Get your viewers their merch orders faster both in the United States and internationally.

Automated merch giveaways
It’s never been easier to start a giveaway live, on stream, directly from your Streamlabs recent events.

Merch Store Twitch Extension

Merch Store Twitch Extension
Using our Twitch extension, your viewers can purchase your merch without ever having to leave your stream.

If you’re ready to get your merch store started, you can do it here and you can set up the Twitch extension here. Please reach out to us on Twitter, Facebook, or in the comment section below. We love hearing from you!

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