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Can you provide some background on your Atmo Esports, how long you’ve been streaming and what you typically like to stream?

ATMO esports is an event streaming profile. We host in-game Star Citizen events such as the Daymar Rally, Hurston Hurt Locker, Stanton 7, and the soon-to-be-released Fight or Flight. ATMO esports have been using Streamlabs in conjunction with Twitch since we started in 2018.

What was it about streaming that initially interested you and inspired you to give it a try?

Initially, it was the obvious choice to broadcast our tournaments. What we love most is combining all our camera people via their individual streams and bringing them all together via the ATMO esports channel. Emergent esports at its best.

What goals or aspirations would you like to achieve this year and in the future?

We are expanding from our single event streams to two multi-month tournaments with large streams every two weeks. Our stream schedule is a little different from most as we put a lot of work into publicizing our events to bring spectators in for certain event days.

Were there other streamers that you looked up to and inspired you to start streaming?

Cor5air, the managing director of ATMO esports was originally inspired by the larger event-based company streams like the LCS and Call of Duty League. Also watching pro players and shout casters like Crucian Gaming gave ATMO the inspiration to delve into esports event streaming.

Do you have any tips for new streamers entering the space?

Tips that ATMO esports have for any new streamers entering the space is that if you want to be a streamer, you need to work hard at it. Have a consistent schedule, create extra content around your live streams and post those special moments on other social media platforms. Never stop creating content and create a special place for your community to come to whenever you hit that go-live button.

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