We’ve been crushing it at the Streamlabs HQ and have released a ton of new features and updates. Can’t keep up with them? No worries, we got you covered! Let’s go through the highlights.

Streamlabs OBS Elgato Stream Deck Integration

The moment is finally here! We are super excited to release this feature to our users. At last, Elgato stream deck integration has finally come. On top of other amazing features from Streamlabs OBS, users can now change scenes, go live with a touch of a button and more. You can get more info about the integration here.

Streamlabs OBS & Streamlabs Mobile App on Mixer


We are showering Mixer users with tons of new releases this month. Mixer Streamers can now set up their stream in the initial log in stream for Streamlabs OBS and the Streamlabs Mobile App. Additionally, built-in-chat, live tab, Stream Labels, and other widgets are now officially supported. Welcome and happy streaming!

Streamlabs OBS 1M Hrs Streamed

Props to our amazing community. Streamlabs OBS officially has more than 1 million hours streamed. Thanks for sticking with us through all the bugs, crashes, and fixes. We can’t thank you for all the support. We will do our best to provide the best streaming software and experience for our users. Here’s to many more hours and many more highlights and clips to come ♡.

Girls Who Code + Streamlabs Charity Stream

In honor of March, Women’s History month, we will be working with Girls Who Code for a week-long charity event. To support this cause, all you have to do is tune into the streamers’ streams, hang out with our awesome community and donate if you would like to contribute to the cause. The profits from this event will help empower young girls to code and explore STEM programs. Stay tuned to our Twitter and Facebook for more information.

Tipeeestream Integration

Currently using Tipeeestream for tips but would like to use the awesome widgets from Streamlabs? Well, say no more! Users of Tipeeestream can now use all Streamlabs alerts and donation-related widgets. You can set up the integration here.

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