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Nov 08, 2019

Streamer Spotlight with member of Wombo Sports, BigCheeseKit

BigCheeseKit is a twitch streamer representing Wombo Sports. For him, live streaming is about connecting with his “Cheesus Crust” family…

Last Updated on August 31, 2022

BigCheeseKit is a twitch streamer representing Wombo Sports. For him, live streaming is about connecting with his “Cheesus Crust” family, and giving his community a place to be as goofy as he is.

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BigCheeseKIT: Greetings everyone. My name is BigCheeseKIT and I have been streaming on Twitch for six years.

Streamlabs: Can you tell us a little bit more about your background and how you ended up streaming on Twitch?

BigCheeseKIT: I started on YouTube, making a lot of crazy videos as far as video games. I started making parody videos and the parody videos are what led to me going viral as far as the parody song, “Give Me That Bacon, which landed on G4TV’s Web Soup and Attack of the Show. Comedy Central, Radio Stations, different television networks like Fox, NBC, ABC, etc. And ever since then it’s just been a wonderful journey to where I’m at now to where I focus on playing a lot of video games and entertaining my viewers and the community that loves what I do.

Streamlabs: Congrats on being a streamer for Wombo Sports. Can you tell us more about them and what they do. What was your reaction to being a part of Wombo sports? What attracted you to them?

BigCheeseKIT: Major shoutout to Wombo Sports for giving me the opportunity to be a part of their organization. I was discovered by them via J. T. Brown of the Minnesota Wild and also Wombo Sports. I guess what attracted me to them was me being me, you know, being the entertaining, funny, energetic hype guy. And I guess there was something when I was doing my sub-hype dances and attracting everybody that was in the chat as far as the viewers, or I call them my cheese heads. Overall I think that’s what attracted me to them or them to me or either way we attracted each other, and now here we are.

Streamlabs: Has live streaming opened up any other doors or opportunities you weren’t expecting?

BigCheeseKIT: Live streaming has literally opened up a lot of doors for me. And when I say a lot of doors, I mean electrical doors, locked doors, padded doors, garage doors, all types of doors, you name it, they opened it up for me and I’m thankful for the opportunities that came our way, because of live streaming. I don’t think that would have been a part of GuardianCon GCX events if it wasn’t for live streaming. I don’t think that Markiplier would have discovered me if it wasn’t for live streaming. I don’t think that DrLupo, the Follian ProfessorBroman, Darkness429, kmagic101. I think none of those guys would have recognized who I was if it wasn’t for live streaming. So for that, I will like to thank live streaming for getting me where I’m at today.

Streamlabs: What has been the most memorable moment that has happened to you on stream?

BigCheeseKIT: The most memorable moment happened in February of 2019. I was playing Tetris 99 and usually, when I play Tetris 99 I have fun doing it. I improvise. I come with crazy songs. And what occurred at that moment was Markiplier was watching me and I didn’t know it. So people kept coming into my chat saying, Hey Mark is watching you, I’m like, there’s a lot of Marks out there. Which one, please be more specific. They’ll like Markiplier. I’m like, yeah right, Mark ain’t watching me, not me. Me? Yeah. Right.

So I was still playing Tetris and then all of a sudden he came into the chat and then he dropped some subs and then he dropped subs for himself and then he dropped the 50 bomb and then he raided my show with everybody. And then everybody was coming through following and showing the show love.

I was still shocked at the fact that somebody at that level was watching me, you know, with millions of followers or a million subscribers. Like this dude is up there and watching me. And then he said the following, he said, “It’s crazy how entertaining this guy is. How good this guy is. And he was only at 15 viewers, you know, he is one of those most entertaining people I’ve ever saw and he’s at this level, it’s crazy. Those are the words of Markiplier and that’s why it’s one of my most memorable moments streaming

Streamlabs: What are some live streaming goals or aspirations you’d like to achieve in the next 12 months?

BigCheeseKIT: I would like to see follow growth. I’d like to see my brand and my business grow as far as bigCheesKit. I’d like to see Wombo Sports grow as well because I’m highly involved with it. I would like to be a Twitch Ambassador. I want to be more involved with a charity streams and charity programs, and if there’s an opportunity for hosting or commentating as far as tournaments or at TwitchCon, I will love to do it. And that’s what I’m looking to do within the next 12 months.

Streamlabs: What is your favorite thing about the community you’ve built?

BigCheeseKIT: My most favorite thing about the community that I built is the name itself. The name of my community is “Cheesus Crust”. It wasn’t something that I named it. It was something that somebody else named it and we roll with it. It’s always crazy how my community is able to be as goofy as I am and we can continue to roll with that. And I think that’s a great thing to have, a great positive community that’s able to be themselves, be goofy, have their fun, play games, and just enjoy everything that goes on in the community. That’s my favorite thing about it is we all find ways to make each other laugh. That’s a beautiful thing for me. And we will continue to grow. So, if you want to be a part of ChessusCrust, you just come by my stream

Streamlabs: Are there other streamers/content creators that inspire you?

BigCheeseKIT: There’s a lot of people that I’m inspired by, but I’m gonna break it down to a few. Okay. I’m inspired by individuals like DashieXP, FearMe, Technical nX. I’m inspired by Maximilian Dood, who’s a great individual, great community. What he does for his community is great and he has a community on different platforms as well, so that’s great to see. Fallian, DrLupo, ProfessorBroMan, KMagic101, Darkenss429. I’m inspired by a lot of individuals and they show passion, they show hunger and they show that they are doing things for a great cause. And that’s why I’m inspired.

Thank you very much for watching. My name is BigCheese. You can check out my channel in the description below, Twitch.tv/BigCheeseKIT, and can check out Streamlabs at Streamlabs.com. Until then, I’m K I T, peace.

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