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Jun 13, 2022

Pride 2022 LGBTQIA+ Streamer Spotlight: JazzAdeleGames

Want to see more LGBTQIA+ streamers in your feed? We sure do! Check out our interview with JazzAdeleGames and learn about the amazing work they're doing as a charity-only streamer!

Last Updated on August 31, 2022

As we celebrate Pride, Streamlabs is continuing our LGBTQIA+ Streamer Spotlight with JazzAdeleGames (they/them). In addition to being a proud voice for the Queer, Trans, Arab, and Neurodivergent community, Jazz is a charity-only streamer!  Learn more about how they’re using their streaming platform to give back, inspiring others to do the same, and encouraging people to have open, honest conversations about mental health.

Streamlabs will be hosting JazzAdeleGames on our Twitch channel on Tuesday, June 14th at 11am (PT). Stop by our page before heading to their stream or support the creator directly through their social media:

JazzAdeleGames: Twitch, Website, Twitter, TikTok and Instagram

Can you provide some background on your channel and how you got started. How long have you been streaming and what do you typically like to stream? 

I’ve been streaming for almost a year now actually! I started streaming in mid-August of 2021 and recently I’ve been really into streaming cozy games like Little Witch in The Woods & Kraken Academy, as well as story driven games like Detroit Become Human and Song of Horror! 

What was it about streaming that initially interested you and inspired you to give it a try? 

I’d just started the process of being let go from my job early in the Pandemic (I’m not able to work due to mental health issues and my particular branch of Autism) and getting my mental health/medication and the like sorted out. Watching people on Twitch gave me a lot of comfort in a really difficult time and still does honestly.  

As someone really broke and exhausted with the state of the world, I did and still do feel awful about not being able to do more to help people and organizations that try and do good. I can’t really donate much but I also struggle with going outdoors and doing basic tasks sometimes, so I was kind of at a loss for how to help. 

One day, I noticed a streamer I watch get a $100 donation. It was insane to me at first, but not as insane as the hype that it seemed to create in chat. People were starting to donate more and more, triggering hype trains and just showing their love and support of the streamer! Seeing how generous people could get, I thought maybe they would also be somewhat generous for charities – turns out I was right! So, I thought I’d give fundraising a crack: if I wasn’t successful, I didn’t lose much but if I was, then maybe it would mean I’d be able to help someone else, at least a little.  

Now here we are! I’m a fully-fledged Charity Only streamer who's almost a year into fundraising; I stream every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday; we’re 159 Lovelies strong; and we’re almost finished with our 4th Fundraiser! (Our current one is for Planned Parenthood!)  

What is the most important thing to you about being an LGBTQIA+ streamer? 

I think one of the most important things is getting to meet, hang out, and work with fellow LGBTQIA+ streamers! Creating a community is such an important thing, especially for marginalised groups of people. Who is going to help us grow and prosper if not each other?

The other most important thing is definitely, in my opinion, getting to be the representation that I always wished I had in most things. I’m a nonbinary, queer, autistic Arab Wiccan with a plethora of mental health problems. You don’t usually see like, half of those in media, nevermind any representation where any of those identities intersect (though that is slowly changing thankfully!).

If anyone watching me gets to see themselves in me, gets to feel a little more seen/heard, or just gets to watch some Queer Trans Arab Neurodivergent Joy and feel like that could be them, then I’ve done at least part of my job. Y’know, other than the fundraising. 

Are there other LGBTQIA + streamers that you are inspired by? 

Yes!! Though, I’ve got to admit most of them are my friends. I highly recommend you and anyone looking for other LGBTQIA+ streamers check out Whatapun, aria_comet, Sassypants1996, BeddyTeddy, UniMadeGames, and honestly there’s so many I could go on forever!!! 

Do you have any tips for new streamers entering the space? 

Be yourself, ignore the view count and make an effort to meet similar streamers! As long as you’re yourself and treat others as you’d want to be treated, the right people will find you and before you know it, you’ll have grown alongside some amazing friends and fostered a wonderful community uniquely suited to you and what you care about. 

I know it's cliché as sh*t, but it’s true! You may not get a huge following from being yourself, but if you’re just after a huge following and lots of money I wouldn’t recommend streaming anyway. Joining without caring about anything else will just get you insanely burnt out and it can turn toxic very fast. Comparison is the thief of joy after all.   

In your opinion, what makes a good/engaging live stream for viewers? 

Making content about the things that interest you. If YOU would watch a stream of it, then someone else would! It can take a little while sometimes but you eventually find people who like the same things and that then just opens up so many more possibilities for growth, finding out about other interesting things and making friends!   

What kind of activities or hobbies do you enjoy outside of streaming and creating content? 

Honestly, playing video games takes up a lot of my time. I love getting to immerse myself in the stories, the worlds and the characters! SO, I also play a lot of games off stream (original, I know) but I also: write (my first love), listen to music, read, make Perler art, watercolour, and binging fantasy/sci-fi shows! 

 How do you avoid burnout and stay motivated as a creator? 

I know it seems a little antithetical to follower growth but I make sure to take breaks when I need to. I keep a pretty consistent stream schedule but if I can tell that my mental health is dipping too much for me to have fun on stream and really connect with people, I tend to be open and honest about it. I’ll tell people I’m not doing well and will often sign post them to some other amazing creators that I think could entertain them for the night! This way, I get the break I need, share some love with other lovely creators and hopefully help promote self-care to my friends and lovely community!  

Anything else you want to share with Streamlabs readers? 

Do something nice for another person today! Send them a nice message, make them something to eat, buy them a gift, donate money/things or your time to a charity, hang out with a friend, tell that person you care about them, anything! It doesn’t have to be something that costs money, just make the world a little brighter for someone else if you can! And if you’re struggling today, make that person yourself, make the world a little brighter for yourself with some self-care, whatever it is. Even if it's just drinking water, you deserve kindness too, lovely! 

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