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August 21, 2018

New Paypal Checkout Flow

This is being rolled out in phases over the next few weeks. You’ll see a notification in Recent events when its enabled on your account.

This is being rolled out in phases over the next few weeks. You’ll see a notification in Recent events when its enabled on your account.

Streamlabs & Paypal have been working closely together to improve the tipping flow for Streamers, and we’re excited to announce some major upgrades. This change requires action on your part — make sure you follow this blog post carefully and thoroughly.

One Click Tipping

No need to login to Paypal.com everytime you tip!

This allows a viewer to tip with a single click — gone are the days of having to go to Paypal.com & enter your username and password each time. Reducing this step has significantly increased conversion rates. Aka. you make mo’ money!

In our testing we’ve seen conversion on tip pages increase by 37.5% — that means 37.5% increase in tips for you!

This may seem like a simple change, but it has dramatic consequences on your bottom line.

What you need to do

Hit the Link Your Paypal Account Now button
Thats it! You’re done.

Login Required for Tippers

In order to reduce and better help you fight charge backs, we will now require all users to login (any platform of choice) before tipping. This helps us create global black lists for bad actors and reduce fraud. We have a dedicated team now working on reducing fraud and fighting charge backs. More updates coming on this soon.

New PRO Checkout

A lot of people want to use the fancy PRO effects with their tips, but hated the idea of subscribing. Good news! Subscribe no more! Viewers can now (totally optional!) buy PRO effects for a single donation. Here is what the flow looks like:


Please note the PRO effects fee shows up as ‘Partner commission’ in your PayPal dashboard. Streamlabs is not taking a cut of your tip— we are and always will be a 100% free platform. This is the optional PRO effects bought by the viewer. This is what you will see:

In this example, the viewer tipped $10 and bought optional PRO effects for $2.

Note: Streamlabs is a free service and we rely on PRO effects to keep the lights on. If you don’t like it, you can simply turn this feature off from the dashboard. If you choose to keep it on, we really appreciate it! Helps us to pay all the sweet folks that work hard bring you awesome features.

For those tippers who want to subscribe (lets face it, better value for money!), you can still subscribe from the top right menu. Not happy with your sub? cancel anytime!

To subscribe, go to Menu=> PRO Settings

As always we’d love to hear your feedback. The good, the bad, the ugly. We’re always looking to improve our service, and your constant feedback keeps us motivated. Tweet at us, reply to this blog post, or come hangout on Discord. Or if you’re old school send us an email.

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