GIVING — it’s what makes the streaming community so flippin’ awesome. Because of it, we’ve seen streamers turn their passion for gaming and creativity into full fledged careers. We’re inspired by the acts of generosity we see everyday — and that’s why we decided to create a new feature that gives streamers a fun and creative way to give back to their community.


How’s it work?

Go to your dashboard in SLOBS or on and click on the “Giveaways” tab. From here you can create the name of your giveaway, set the countdown timer, and pick which item you’d like to put up for grabs for one of your lucky viewers to win. Streamers can also run “Sub Only” Giveaways as a way to thank their most loyal and dedicated supporters. Once everything is set, run your giveaway, and we do the rest! We’ll even ship and deliver your custom piece of apparel directly to your viewers door.

We’re Giving YOU the chance to win a free Giveaway!

All-Over Print products, and Merch Giveaways are here! To celebrate, we want to find the best All-Over Print merch. Submit your design by tagging us @streamlabs on twitter, and we’ll pick four finalists. Your merch will be featured by us and voted on by the community to determine a winner. The best designs will receive a free Giveaway for their channel. Contest ends October 1st. GLHF!


Create Your Streamlabs Merch Store Today!

To create a Streamlabs Merch store, go to your dashboard and click on “Merch Store.” From there you can add products and create an entire store in less than 60 seconds!

So, get out there, and give the gift of gift giving! We said that right, right?


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