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Apr 01, 2021

Level Up to Help Kids Living with Autism

Variety - the Children's Charity is launching its streaming for good project, Variety Level Up for Kids, on Streamlabs

Variety — the Children’s Charity is launching its streaming for good project, Variety Level Up for Kids, on Streamlabs with a special month-long event creating awareness for World Autism Day on 2 April.

Creators can sign on anytime in the month of April to support Variety to provide life-changing equipment and programs to support kids living with Autism.

Variety — the Children’s Charity helps kids facing challenges with sickness, disability, or disadvantage. One of the most common conditions Variety provides support for is Autism through the provision of transformative technology, software, and multisensory rooms and one of their biggest areas of demand, funding assistance dogs. These special dogs are trained to increase independence and confidence, reduce anxiety, and are game-changers for kids and families who receive them.

Variety is excited to team up with gamers and creators to raise awareness and funds to help as many kids as possible and encourage families of kids living with Autism to learn more about the benefits of gaming. In a recent ABC report, Autism expert and researcher Dr. Kathryn Ringland said gaming could help kids in need with social interaction. “They don’t have to worry about things that might be challenging in the physical world, such as body language, facial expressions, and eye contact,” she said. “Those things can be hard to interpret and even painful for Autistic people.” Having expertise in a certain game can also increase friendship-making both on and offline. AND gaming can help with motor skills and hand-eye coordination. For kid-friendly and educational games, it’s a WIN-WIN for all.

How You Can Help

Sign Up to Level Up for Kids

With many already isolated due to their conditions, kids living with disabilities are more vulnerable and more at risk during the pandemic than ever. Concurrently, the demand for Variety’s support is higher than ever, with everyday families falling on tough times. You can make a difference by creating a Streamlabs campaign and starting a charity stream anytime during April (and beyond). Every dollar makes a difference. Here are just a few examples of your fundraising at work:

  • $36 will buy a special toy for a child
  • $112 will contribute to a communication device
  • $252 will provide a mobility bike
  • $529 will provide a technology device

When you’re ready to start a fundraiser, be sure and check out our custom overlays and alerts. They’re available in the Streamlabs theme library and can be installed with one click:

Overlay themes for Variety are available in Streamlabs’ theme library.
Make your stream official with matching charity donation alerts.

About Variety

Variety — the Children’s Charity has a network of 45 offices in 14 countries. Many millions of individual children worldwide live a better life because of the generosity of Variety’s community of supporters.

Variety provides support to families and organizations through providing grants for a range of equipment, such as wheelchairs or all-abilities playgrounds, to provide practical help to kids, schools, and organizations in need. We run programs to educate and empower kids that are falling through the cracks. We give scholarships to encourage the talents of kids living with disadvantages or disabilities. And last but certainly not least, we hold kids’ events to bring joy, light, and laughter to children in need and their families.

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