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May 25, 2022

How to Watch Multiple Twitch Streams at Once

While opening multiple windows or tabs may be a great way to switch back and forth between Twitch streams, it’s not the most efficient. Instead, try these tools made for watching multiple streams at once.

If you are an avid Twitch viewer who enjoys consuming content on the streaming platform, chances are you’ve followed quite a few creators and tuned into their streams. There’s also a strong chance that some of your favorite streamers go live simultaneously, leaving you with the hard decision of picking which streamer to watch. While opening multiple windows or tabs may be a great way to switch back and forth between Twitch streams, it’s not the most efficient or enjoyable way to consume content on the platform. Instead, it would be best to try some available tools that make watching multiple streams from one window a stress-free experience.

If you’ve been struggling to find the best ways to support all of your favorite content creators on Twitch, stick around to find out how you can watch multiple streams on Twitch at one time (for free). 

Squad Stream

Of the options on this list, Squad Stream is the only built-in Twitch solution that allows you to watch multiple users directly on Twitch. Squad Stream allows up to four creators to create a “squad” to go live with as a team within one window from both desktop and the Twitch mobile app. But there’s a catch—you can only watch these multi-creator streams if the creators have chosen to join forces. 

While Squad Stream doesn’t give the ability to customize the creators you want to watch simultaneously, it’s an excellent option for watching content in a new, fun way. You may find some new creators to follow by tuning into Squad Streams featuring your favorite streamers and some of their peers. 

How To Use Squad Stream

Finding and watching a Squad Stream is pretty straightforward. You have to search “squad stream” as a tag on Twitch to see which creators are currently joining forces and going live together. Click the stream as you would typically and tune in. Don’t see the Squad Stream? Click “Watch in Squad Mode” below the stream.


If you’re looking for a way to pick and choose which creators you’d like to watch simultaneously, MultiTwitch is a web-based option that allows you to stream however many users at once as your computer can handle. While each user appears arranged within one window, to engage with streamers via chat, you have to click their respective chat windows to the right of your screen. 

How To Use MultiTwitch

Since this is a browser-based option, there’s no need to download any software to get going. To get started:

  1. Find the Twitch users that you want to watch. Please note that the only streaming platform MultiTwitch works for is Twitch. Also, all users must be online and actively streaming for you to view them.
  2. Create the multi-viewer window by going to MultiTwitch.tv and adding “/streamerusernamehere” for each creator you want to watch. For example, if you have three streamers that are currently online that you want to stream, enter “MultiTwitch.tv/streamer1/streamer2/streamer3”. 
  3. Once you hit go or enter in your browser, your selected streams will appear arranged in one window for your viewing pleasures. You’ll also have access to the accompanying chats for each streamer.
  4. To add additional streams while watching the ones currently on the window, just add “/streamerusername.” The viewer will rearrange to accommodate. 


Similar to MultiTwitch, Multistre.am is another web-based application that allows you to watch multiple Twitch streams. Please keep in mind that Multistre.am only enables you to watch up to eight streams at once. 

How to use Multistrea.am 

  1. Gather the links to the live streams you’d like to tune into. 
  2. Copy and paste the link to each stream in the designated box and hit enter. 
  3. Select your preferred layout for viewing after inputting the links to each stream you’d like to watch.
  4. Hit “Watch Streams” to tune in. 
  5. To engage with the streamers, type in the chatbox to the right of the screen. Remember to change the chat to direct your messages to the correct streamer by selecting their username from the dropdown towards the bottom right of the screen.  

Twitch Theater

If you have streamers that you enjoy across multiple platforms, you’re in luck. Twitch Theater (though named after Twitch) allows you to multi-stream content on YouTube as well. There’s also some functionality for Facebook Live.

How To Use Twitch Theater

Though Twitch Theater allows you to watch content across multiple platforms, it’s still pretty simple to get up and running.

  1. Gather the links to each stream that you want to view.
  2. Paste each link into the text box under “Stream and Videos,” hitting the plus sign to the right before adding the next link. To enable chats with the stream, hit the double plus sign (++). The single plus sign will only add the video to your screen. 
  3. Be sure to tweak your settings to your liking and visit the legend to get a better idea of Twitch Theater’s full functionalities. 

As you can see, watching multiple streams at once doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, it should only take a few minutes to set up no matter which route you take. For your sanity, remember to mute whichever streams you aren’t focusing your attention on at the moment. We hope you enjoy this innovative way to support your favorite content creators. 

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