If you’ve been on Twitch for some time now, you’ve probably heard of hosting. Simply put, hosting on Twitch is a way to display content from another live streamer on your channel for your viewers and followers to watch without ever leaving your channel. In addition to being a great way to support other creators, hosting other channels on Twitch is a way to fuel your viewers’ love for content without needing to go live yourself. The best part is that you don’t need to be at your desktop to host—you can host someone on Twitch Mobile, which is pretty easy, and we’ll explain later in the article.

Quick Things to Note About Hosting On Twitch

While we won’t get into the minor details about hosting (you can read our full guide on Twitch hosting here), we just wanted to point out some things you should know about hosting on Twitch, just in case you needed a quick refresher. 

  • Hosting is an opportunity to give a channel more exposure.
  • Hosting is not the same as a raid in which the latter drives viewers to another channel entirely (you can read more about the difference between hosting and raiding on Twitch in this blog post here).
  • Chat alerts will appear announcing that the channel is being hosted. If you plan on having your channel hosted by a fellow streamer we recommend reading this guide on adding host alerts to your stream
  • You’re responsible for moderating the chat as the hosted channel will live where your stream would typically.
  • A streamer must be live to be hosted; however, you don’t need to be online to host.

You need a break sometimes, so hosting on Twitch (even from mobile)while you’re on the go is a great way to give your audience more content without risking burnout. Ahead, we’ve outlined the steps for hosting on Twitch mobile. Although we’re using iOS for the sake of this tutorial, Android users can follow the same exact steps (keep in mind that icons may vary, which you may be well aware of already). 

  1. First, download the Twitch mobile app from your app store if you don’t have it installed already. The Twitch mobile app is currently available for both Android and iOS.

  1. Once you’ve successfully downloaded the Twitch mobile app, log in using your Twitch credentials. 

  1. Head over to the channel you’d like to host while you’re on the go. Remember, the user must be live to host their channel on your Twitch channel. 
  1. Next, hit the video player of the live stream and click share. An Android share button appears as dots connected by lines, while on iOS, it looks like an arrow within a box.

  1. After clicking the share button on your phone, you should see the option “Host Channel” Click on that button to begin sharing the stream on your channel.

  1. There you have it! You’re now sharing the content of a fellow streamer on your channel for your viewers to enjoy. 

Whether you plan on hosting another creator simply because you enjoy their content (and believe your audience will too) or want to pay it forward to a fellow creator who may appreciate the extra eyes, hosting every now and then on Twitch is something you should consider. Not only will you be helping out another channel, but you’ll be entertaining your viewers when you’re not displaying your original content. Take a stab at hosting on Twitch mobile, and let us know how it goes. 

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