Creating thumbnails for your video is hard. You want something that captures the essence of your video while catching people’s attention. It needs to convince people to click on your video while adhering to the correct size and dimension requirements. Not to mention, to create something unique, you probably need to download editing software.

Luckily, Streamlabs recently launched a new product so that creating a YouTube thumbnail doesn’t have to be a grueling experience. Streamlabs offers a YouTube thumbnail maker that simplifies the process so that you can create a thumbnail in a matter of minutes. Today, we will show you how to create a video thumbnail and create an eye-catching image.

How to Create a YouTube Thumbnail

First, head over to the dashboard on and click on “YouTube Thumbnails” on the left

Now, browse our list of thumbnail templates and choose the theme that catches your attention.

Click “Customize” to tweak the design of your YouTube thumbnail to fit your video.

Customizing your images allows you to upload and pick your own background image. Each image also comes with an effect that lets you pick which accent color you’d like to appear.

Custom elements are also available to add to your image. Additional elements you can add to your thumbnail including Emojis, Icons, additional text, and images.

After you are done customizing your thumbnail, download your thumbnail image and upload it to your video!

Streamlabs YouTube thumbnail maker is currently an exclusive feature for Streamlabs Prime subscribers. Streamlabs Prime is a premium tool kit intended to supply live streamers with enhanced and improved resources that increase production value and audience engagement. Click here to learn more.

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