Being a sassy psychic wasn’t always the goal for Twitch Streamer, Antphrodite. But two years and 25K followers later, his stream mixes tarot with modern internet culture. This is his story.

Streamlabs: First can you please introduce yourself and how long you’ve been streaming for?

Antphrodite: Hi, I am Antphrodite and I’m a sassy psychic tarot reader and I’ve been streaming on Twitch for a little bit over two years now. I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Streamlabs: How did you get into tarot card reading? How long did it take to learn Tarot card meanings?

Antphrodite: I first got into Tarot card reading probably when I was around 12. Um, I did pick it up a little bit quicker than most because it’s always been natural to me. You know, sometimes we’re naturally gifted at certain things and I know for me it was just a little bit easier, but it’s all trial and error. Like for instance, if someone was going somewhere, I’d give a reading to them and I’d say, okay, this means this and that. And then if they came back and none of that happened, I’d ask them what had happened? So for instance, let’s say pull a queen of ones, right? I was like, Oh, you’re gonna meet someone. Very beautiful, right? Beautiful Queen of ones. They come back from the event they go, I never met any beautiful women, but there was a beautiful woman and she was kind of angry and like throwing a tantrum.

Then I realized the queen of ones for me also means anger. So like there are certain things that that I’ve learned and that’s kind of the process. So it’s hard to say like how long it takes. But for me, you know, tarot is totally important for understanding who I am and what makes me tick. Same thing with astrology, like why people didn’t like me and what my strengths and weaknesses were? So I can figure out what part of me needs to be adjusted and what part of me should just stay the same because I’m fabulous.

Streamlabs: How did you first get into live streaming? Were your live streams always about psychic readings?

Antphrodite: My live streams were not always about psychic readings. Actually. I was my father’s caretaker before streaming and after he passed away, I realized

I wanted to have more of an impact in my career ambitions and I want it to have an impact on the world at large.

My friends had always said like, oh, you have a personality made for television. Like you should totally be on TV. You should be on youtube, do something. And my friend was like, Hey, you know, you should just start up a twitch stream, you know? And I was like, okay, fine, I’ll do it. You know, shoot, what do I have to lose? So I waited for my retrograde to be over. I ordered him a microphone and a Webcam and I actually still use both at Mike Chemo can say, which I probably should upgrade, but oh well.

Um, and I just turn on a stream. It was just me and my webcam. It was just a full screen. IRL section and just come out, and 10 people were immediately there. As soon as I hit start shooting, 10 people were immediately hating on me and controlling me, calling me names. And I was like, who are you, how did you find my stream in the directory? I’m at the bottom. How? And I realized, I was like, oh, my light is on, meaning I’m drawing people to me for a reason. Someone had noticed the cards in the background and they’re like, oh, do you do readings? I was like yeah, I didn’t think anybody wants one though. And it kind of just grew from there. I mean, someone saw me give a reading to one person, and they were like I want a reading too.

I was like, I’ll come back tomorrow. I’m sure nobody would want another reading. No one’s gonna care. But I came back and more people wanted readings and quickly my stream grew almost instantly into a tarot stream. And I never had like the intention set to have this as like a business plan or anything like that. It just happened. That’s kind of how life purpose works. I just fell into my life purpose.

I got a lot of hate in the beginning. I still do now, but, I got a lot of hate cause people are like, oh, there isn’t a community here, there isn’t a community here. You’ll be entertaining and, and after like a week or a month and they’ll get bored. And I told them to watch me, because there may not be a community now, but if I build it, they will come and I am living proof of that.

I hope anybody watching this chases their dreams and does something that they believe in wholeheartedly.

Because what one person saw as there’s no community for that I saw as an opportunity. I saw it as an untapped market.

Streamlabs: Have you ever had any paranormal experiences that genuinely freaked you out?

Antphrodite: I have a ton of paranormal experiences. Like we’d be here all day. I pretty much have them quite often. I mean there is a video clip on my Twitter of an oven orb literally appearing and floating in the background of my stream. It is a giant pink floating orb. And when it happened on stream I like freaked out because I saw it in the corner of my OBS, I was like, what is that? And I thought it was a spider because I’m like, oh my God, there’s spiders. This is a spider trolling me. And I freaked out. I started screaming and everyone’s like, no girl, that wasn’t a spider. Go check the VOD. So I’m like scared.

I’m terrified ’cause I have arachnophobia. I was so scared there was a spider and like freaking out and they are like, no girl it’s not a spider. We think it’s an orb. And I look back and there’s that clip and it literally just floats right here and goes boom. And it’s in the middle of a reading and it just, it, it’s crazy. It was Friday the 13th and it was the anniversary of my dad’s death and I didn’t even realize it. So probably the craziest thing with physical evidence and it’s still a clip that’s visible today.

Streamlabs: Was the goal always to be a sassy Psychic for a living? Did you ever think you’d be streaming full-time?

Antphrodite: I had no idea that I would be a full-time streamer. Never in a million years. So when I first started and you know, there was interest in what I was doing, I had to literally build a business model based on Twitch through trial and error. Nobody was doing tarot card readings when I started. I had to literally pioneer everything from scratch. I made no money in the beginning. I literally haven’t even made money until this year. Like I built a completely new business model based around Twitch. Nobody really gives me credit for that. I’m telling you the business model that people see now and you’ll see a bunch of people trying to mimic that. It didn’t exist before I came. I had to literally figure it out through trial and error. Like there’d been so many iterations of my business model, certain things that work, certain things, it didn’t.

A monetizing has been a very long journey. What’s interesting is I was in a place where I like needed to find my new venture. I needed to find something new to do and I had to put myself first because I was always putting other people before me. And you know, I’ve always been very psychic. I was always getting information and I would always know things like it’s just, it’s been in my family for years. And so honestly, I had no idea what I was gonna do. I ended up literally in a point in my life where I was yoloing. I was like, whatever’s going to happen is going to happen. And my stream just consistently grew.

Streamlabs: Were there any major difficulties or challenges on your journey?

Antphrodite: Well, I talked about this a little bit. It’s been a very, very long uphill battle. I mean, people don’t like what I do. They don’t believe in me. They don’t enjoy me. You know, I’m very different. You know, I pioneered this entire thing. It’s all my blood, sweat and tears. You know, I fought so hard. I’ve said since the beginning. My spirit guides have told me that, and I said this from the beginning, that I am a frontline soldier. So I have gone through a lot of hardship in my life, tremendously bullied to build a thick skin because I am a frontline soldier. So I am the pioneer, the initiator, the soldier that’s in the front line that takes the brunt of it because I can, it was built to take the brunt of it to kick down every single door and breakthrough every barricade, so other people could come in after me.

That’s kind of been my entire purpose in life. And I’ve known this since I was young. I’ve always been told this. So, you know, there isn’t anything that I had never had an easy anything. Nothing’s ever been easy for me. I wished the things could have been easy, but they’ve always been hard. I do like a challenge, but I don’t actively choose the challenge always. Sometimes a challenge chooses me. I mean, people don’t like what I do. They don’t believe in it. They don’t think it’s cool, whatever. There probably isn’t a single thing that has just been smooth or effortless. I mean, I could sit here and list all of the hardships.

Streamlabs: What are some goals or aspirations you’d like to achieve in 2019 and beyond.

Antphrodite: Well I plan to take over the world. The Sky’s the limit. I mean, I’m a multifaceted, multitalented, natural-born entertainer, so not only can I predict the future and not only am I a tarot reader and astrologer and a general psychic, I’m funny, witty, smart, intelligent, articulate. You got a check. I got a talent. I plan on doing a lot of different things. If there’s an entertainment field, I plan to conquer it and I love a challenge and I love new things. So I’m down for absolutely anything. And I think there are some cool things in the works that people aren’t going to expect from me that are going to show a different side of me. So I’m really excited about that and I can’t wait for you guys to see. So stay tuned.

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