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Mar 03, 2022

Free Tools Empower Streamers to Quickly Provide Aid To People in Ukraine

Help Raise Money and Draw Attention to the Humanitarian Crisis

Last Updated on March 11, 2022

We are deeply troubled by the crisis in Ukraine and are doing what we can to support humanitarian efforts. 

Creators are in a unique position to help. We can empower you to be an even greater force for good by providing more free tools to raise funds and spread awareness of what is happening on the ground in Ukraine and the surrounding region.

On March 1st, we made a $100,000 commitment to support nonprofit organizations helping those affected by the crisis in Ukraine. Over the coming days, we will announce new functionality for free Streamlabs products that will help you raise money and show your support.

Specifically, we are adding new functionality to the following free tools:

  • Tipping: A new option will allow you to automatically send tipping money to a charity supporting Ukraine. 
  • Cloudbot: A new chatbot timer will automatically send a link to charities supporting Ukraine in your chat, with the goal of raising awareness in your community.
  • Banner: You can add pre-made images to your live streams with QR codes that take viewers to charities supporting the people of Ukraine. Banners are available for download here.
  • Overlays: Custom Ukraine-themed stream overlays help you show their support. You can download the overlay theme here and download the alerts here.

Finally, we are taking a zero-tolerance stance on any accounts spreading false information, either intentionally or unintentionally, about what is happening. 

How you can help:

  1. Use any of these tools to help Ukraine
  2.  If you see anyone spreading false information, please report to [email protected] Our team will investigate and take action.  

Streamers interested in connecting with other creators can visit Streamlabs Charity’s page dedicated to #Ukraine and browse the list of people that have scheduled charity streams.

What's Available Today

At this time, everything is live including QR code banners, stream overlays, alert themes, automatic tipping, and Cloudbot timers

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