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Jan 27, 2019

Advanced Overlay Maker by Nerd or Die

The easiest-to-use overlay tool on Streamlabs has a level of customization you’ve never seen before.

Last Updated on November 22, 2022

This easy-to-use overlay tool in Streamlabs Desktop has a level of customization you’ve never seen before.

Advanced Overlay Maker by Nerd or Die — easy to use interface to customize your stream overlay

For over 6 years, Nerd or Die has been providing streamers with overlays they use to charge into the broadcasting world of Twitch, Mixer, Youtube and now Facebook Gaming. Our goal has always been to help streamers show their true colors, as well as make our overlays very easy to set up.

All this dedicated work has lead here — to the easiest, most customizable overlay tool you’ll ever use.

Advanced Overlay Maker — Version 2 is the easiest overlay maker ever created

Welcome to the Advanced Overlay Maker

The Advanced Overlay Maker brings beautiful, fully-customizable overlays and widgets directly into Streamlabs Desktop with a simple interface. No more downloading, no more digging through folders — with the Advanced Overlay Maker, you’ll never have to leave Streamlabs Desktop to get the best Nerd or Die overlays onto your stream.

Customize colors, text, icons, and more with easy controls

Subscribers will have access to an ever-growing library of fully-customizable overlays that can be added to a stream with just a few clicks. Widgets like background loops, scene transition stingers, social media panels, and stream info text can be added to every overlay, allowing a streamer full control of what is and isn’t being broadcast to their audience. Every text is editable and every widget is yours to command.

But the customization options don’t end there.

Webcams, Supporter Bars, Social Panels, Animated Backgrounds, Count-down timers, Transitions, Text as well as special effects are all available with just a few clicks

Mix and Match

Here’s the simple truth: the Advanced Overlay Maker (AOM) has a level of customization that is second to none.

Just like the overlays found at NerdOrDie.com, each overlay found in the AOM’s library comes bundled into pre-made layouts that make for quick selection. But sometimes you need variety, right? That’s why all of the AOM’s overlays can be broken down by individual designs to then mix and match with other overlays. If there’s something you don’t like about or pre-made bundles, simply make your own.

Mix and match themes from a growing library

An overlay that matches the color of a streamer’s brand is key. Within the Advanced Overlay Maker, a streamer will find that a lot of our overlays can be re-colored to fit their tastes. We’re not talking a few pre-selected colors to choose from — the AOM’s color wheel gives the streamer limitless levels of color customization.

Try it with Streamlabs Ultra

If we’ve piqued your interest, check out our in-depth guide that shows all the features of the AOM in action.

Now, we could sing the AOM’s praises all day, but seeing is believing. Every Streamlabs Ultra user can take advantage of this tool. Believe us, it won’t take nearly that long for you to see how the AOM can take your stream to the top of the top.

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