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Jun 11, 2021

Streamlabs LGBTQIA+ Streamlabs Spotlight with Lachlie!

Follow Lachlie on Twitch, Twitter, and Instagram. Can you provide some background on your channel, how long you’ve been streaming...

Follow Lachlie on TwitchTwitter, and Instagram.

I have been streaming for almost two years but got really into it from March 2020. The main content that I stream has been Dead by Daylight lately. However, I have shifted between Just Chatting, Breath of the Wild, Pokemon, Among Us, and more over time.

I had a few friends that streamed, and that got me interested in giving it a go. I talked to them and got some advice for the beginning, and next thing you know, I had pressed the ‘Go Live’ button. It was a way that I could provide somewhat of an escape or break from what may be going on in “the real world” for both myself and for people who decided to watch me.

This year I would love to expand what types of games I am playing. I’d love to try out more Horror, puzzle & community-based games. I find myself having the most fun on these, and so does my community. I’d also love to increase and grow the amazing Aussie Pride Stream Team that I Co-Founded with Rat_emoji, another incredible LGBTQIA+ Streamer. To see how this team has already grown and developed through team events and charity streams has me so excited to see where it’ll go over the coming months.

I believe the most important thing about being an LGBTQIA+ Streamer would be to maintain a safe space for all types of people in your stream. Everyone should be welcome into your community without the fear of harassment and ignorance.

Many LGBTQIA+ streamers have inspired me ever since I began streaming. Rat_emoji, Granny, justinplus, DEERE, tinyandtrash, AnnieKrevice, J0hnJ0hnn, Gagaters, and many more.

It may sound typical, but being yourself is so important. I’ve discovered that nobody wants to watch a fabricated personality trying to please new viewers. It’s so important to have fun when streaming, then that way those watching will also have fun.

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