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May 21, 2018

🔴 Live — True Cloud Backups 🔥

We’ve all been there. When you realize your PC is dead. It failed, or maybe an Ex smashed it with a sledge hammer. Your hard drive refused…

Last Updated on June 14, 2018

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We’ve all been there. When you realize your PC is dead. It failed, or maybe an Ex smashed it with a sledge hammer. Your hard drive refused to spin up. Maybe you installed a Windows update and everything went blue. It has happened to all of us. It ranks as one of the worst moments in a streamers life. All your stuff — setup, files, overlays, sounds, sources, labels, settings, alerts — just *poof* gone.

81% of streamers have experienced a hardware or software failure resulting in serious data loss of their stream

That means having to spend hours or days setting up everything again. Finding all those media files again. Setting up transitions, filters, audio syncs. Grabbing your alert box and widget links. Thats many hours of your life you’re never getting back (if you ever manage to find the files at all)— until now…

Introducing True Cloud Backups with Streamlabs Desktop

Just install the latest update and everything will be sync’ed up with our servers. This includes your scenes, sources, transitions, filters, widgets, overlays — and all your media & other files. Even if you have 4k videos that are 100s of GBs. Its all sync’ed and if you switch computers, all you have to do is login with Streamlabs Desktop on a new PC and everything will be restored.

Its truly magical and we can’t wait for you to try it out. And the best part — its available today and its completely free! (yes we we’re offering unlimited storage for free ♥♥ )

An added benefit, you can use this to instantly restore your entire setup at conferences, friends house, LAN party. Whatever your social event of choice. Imagine showing up, simply logging-in and you’re ready to stream.

You can:

  • Pull out your hard drive, and smash it with a hammer
  • Format your C: D: E: or any directory
  • Create a power voltage surge, fry all your hardware
  • Let your manager fiddle with your setup, deleting everything
  • Travel to a conference or tournament, without taking anything with you
  • Go to a LAN party, without taking anything with you

…and you’ll be totally fine. True Cloud Backups from Streamlabs Desktop will take care of you ♥.

Don’t get fooled by claims of cloud backups from other services. All they do is reload a full screen browser source. That has none of your scenes, labels, transitions, settings, images, videos, sounds or local files. This is different — it’s a complete, true cloud backup that syncs all your local files and the entire setup of scenes, sources and the hundred-odd settings you’ve spent hours customizing. Its a true backup-and-restore function, like Apple’s Time Machine. Its taken us many months of effort and hundreds of thousands of dollars in servers to make it happen and we’re extremely excited to finally release it. Sorry it took so long, but we wanted to do it right.

Its magical. Its a super-power. But unfortunately its not going to help you improve at Fortnite. Thats on you :)

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