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Sep 22, 2022

The Easy Way to Keep Talking on Stream

Living behind the usernames and emojis are actual people who support your content and want no more than to chat with you. This blog explains how to keep the conversation going.

Last Updated on September 23, 2022

When you’re live streaming alone, it can be challenging to keep the conversation going simply because you’re not speaking to someone who is physically present. Instead, you’re interacting with usernames and emojis—however, living behind these virtual beings are actual people who support your content and want no more than to chat with you. 

If you’re unsure how to keep the conversation going during your live stream and want to avoid awkward silences, keep reading this blog for helpful tips and tricks. 

Invite a Guest to Join You

One of the easiest ways to keep talking while you’re live streaming is to invite guests to tag along. Whether you all play a game against each other or take some time to chat about a subject your viewers can connect with, having a wing person can take the edge off. Between the natural conversation between you and your guest and your audience chiming in via chat, you’ll likely find it very easy to keep talking. 

If you’re looking for a simple way to add a guest to your live stream, try the new Collab Cam feature available through Streamlabs Desktop. It’s as simple as adding Collab Cam as a source and sharing the generated link with your guest! 

Always Plan Ahead

Live streams aren’t pre-recorded, edited pieces of content, but that doesn’t mean planning won’t make a difference. If your goal is to keep your audience talking and engaged, list some conversation starters that make sense throughout your livestream. Have a new game that you’ll be streaming with your viewers? Research some cool facts about the game’s origin or information your audience may not know but will be intrigued by. You don’t have to know what you’re speaking about down to the second, but it would be helpful to at least have a few speaking points to guide you.     

Pro-Tip: Keep a list of topics in the notes app of your smartphone so you can capture them as they come to you. This way, when you’re brainstorming content and speaking points, you already have a list to get you started. 

Keep up with Your Chat (and Respond)

When you have guests over at your house, do you let them talk only amongst themselves, or do you chime in on the conversation? Hopefully, it’s the latter, and you take that same type of etiquette into your live streaming. One of the most important rules to abide by as a live streamer is never to leave your guests hanging in the chat. Ensure you’re responding to comments and questions and engaging with your guests. It’s honestly the easiest way to keep talking on your stream. While we’re on the subject, you should take out the time to learn more about live streaming etiquette

Give the Play by Play

It’s no secret that there are many game streamers on Twitch and other streaming platforms. One way to separate yourself from other streamers (and to keep talking during your live stream, of course) is to give your audience the play-by-play, aka tell them precisely what you’re doing and how you’re planning on advancing throughout the game. If you have special tips and tricks or nuggets of wisdom that you can pass on to your viewers, do so and watch how they respond in the chat.  

Share a Story

Your audience may come to you because of a shared interest in your niche, but they stay because they like connecting with you. Don’t be afraid to share stories or experiences about your life outside of streaming with your viewers. The same way you’d captivate your IRL friends and family with snapshots of your life, you can do the same with your online streaming fam. Tell a story to your audience that will intrigue them by motivating them or even making them laugh, for example. It may feel nerve-wracking at first but go into it as if you were thinking aloud while reflecting. 

Turn Off/Block Your Viewer Count (If Possible)

Like being on stage looking out to an audience, constantly looking at your viewer count during a live stream can distract you from important things like talking to your audience. When possible, turn off your viewer count to focus your full attention on talking. You won’t have to wonder how many people may or may not be watching. 

Remember, talking to and engaging with your audience is all part of building a community. Don’t be afraid to speak to your community; they’re grateful for your content and are happy to support you!

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